8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure

Oct 5


Cory Threlfall

Cory Threlfall

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This article outlines 8 ways to Maximize your RSS feed for Maximum exposure. Resources included.


RSS(Real Simple Syndication) is the new technology on the block and is taking the Internet by storm as Internet marketers are hurrying to incorporate this new form of communication and technology into there existing online businesses to Maximize there exposure online with NEW and/or Existing customers.I recently received a post on my Blog from a fellow that inspired me to write this article since I found the nature of the topic important to ALL who are serious about getting the most out of there RSS feed and this new technology.I'm pretty sure you can guess what he ask from reading the headline of this article.Well... I did some research on what he had asked of me and came up with..."8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure"So,8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure Articles with that said, let's dive into the first and MOST important step to Maximizing your RSS feed for the exposure it deserves.Step #1. Build a dedicated webpage for your RSS feed.This is probably the most important part of getting the most out of your RSS feed, is by building your own dedicated webpage for your RSS feed subscription.The KEY here is to give your potential readers many options to adding Your RSS feed.The best way for me to illustrate this to you is by clicking on the link below that leads to my dedicated RSS feed subscription page so you can see first hand what you need to do to get yours started.Click here:http://www.internetwondersezine.com/rss_feed.htmlDid you notice all the different options I give?That's what you need to do.Now, for those of you who aren't so web savvy, don't worry, I have something for you that will auto-generate a RSS feed webpage for you within minutes if you already have a Blog or RSS feed.The service I'm talking about is called FeedBurner.com -- http://www.feedburner.com -- and is a free service for you to sign up for.Here's what my webpage through FeedBurner.com looks like so you'll have an idea of what yours will look like.http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheInternetWondersBlogDo you see all the options they give your potential readers to add your RSS feed to there RSS readers?Once you've accomplished one of the two options above your all set to start promoting your RSS feed for MAXIMUM exposure.Step #2. Add links to your RSS feed webpage on your website.This is yet just another way to pull your visitors towards your RSS feed webpage by simply adding Text or Graphic links to your existing webpages.Make sure you put them in Highly visible area's where your visitors will see your links.I would would put one at the top, middle and bottom of your website.This really depends on what kind of website you have so you'll have to use your own dicression.Here's what I have done on my website to give you an example.Click here: http://www.internetwondersezine.comStep #3. Add this HTML tag to your RSS feed webpage.Here's something you can add to all your websites webpages that will get the attention of Search Engines spiders to come on over and check out your RSS feed further.Simple add the following HTML tag to the <head> of your document:link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="YOUR SITE TITLE RSS Feed" href="URL TO RSS FILE"/(note: add this < in front of "link rel" and this > to the end after the forward slash /)Step #4. Some idea's if you have your own newsletter.If you have your own newsletter like I do, here's a couple ways to get your visitors to visit your RSS feed webpage.Add a link on your "Thank You" page that leads to your RSS feed webpage. Whether its a Text or Graphic link.The key here is to get your RSS feed link in front of your readers as much as possible to get them to add your RSS feed to there readers.The next one is, add a link inside your "Welcome" email that's sent out to your New newsletter subscriber after they've subscribed.This again, will give you another chance of getting them to add your RSS feed to there readers.Step #5. Put together a "Signature File".Here's another couple great ways to get your RSS feed webpage more exposure every time you send out an email or post to any online forums is by simply putting together a "Signature File".Now, every time you sent out an email to your list and/or business contact you can attached your "Signature File" at the end of every email you send.The same goes for online forums, every time you make a post or answer someone else's, your "Signature File" will be automatically attached.Your "Signature File" doesn't have to be a huge, a few enticing lines will do fine with your RSS feed URL.Step #6. Submit your RSS feed to RSS Directories and SE's.Another great way to give your RSS feed more exposure is by submitting it or them to RSS Directories and Search Engines.I've listed a few resources for you below to get you started with.- Feed Sharkhttp://feedshark.brainbliss.com- Ping-O-Matichttp://pingomatic.com- RSS Top 55http://www.masternewmedia.org/rss/top55Step #7. Write an article, if you write articles.This is a great way to get your RSS feed webpage in front of thousands of targeted readers absolutely FREE!Simply write an article on a HOT topic within your niche, and at the end of your article add an enticing, attention grabbing "Resource Box" that points to your RSS feed webpage URL.Step #8. Set-Up a PPC(Pay-Per-Click) campaign.For the last step to getting your RSS feed webpage Maximum exposure is to set-up a PPC campaign.By doing this you will be able to send HIGHLY targeted traffic to your RSS feed webpage that are hungry for the information you have to offer.The only downside to doing the PPC tactic is that it will cost you.And, this tactic solely depends on whether or not you chose to set-up an RSS feed webpage of your own.Now, I'm sure there are many others ways out there that could draw in more visitors to your RSS feed, but, these ones I just outlined in this article are the Best ones in my mind and are the ones I use.Well, this concludes the, "8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure", so, the only thing I have left to say to you is... Get Started!