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Having an online business means that you need to find as manyfree or very ... ways of ... and ... ... as ... ... there are many such ways ... onl

Having an online business means that you need to find as many
free or very affordable ways of advertising and promoting that
business as possible. Fortunately,Guest Posting there are many such ways of
advertising online. Some of the experts and Newbies have debated
which ways were effective and which ways were not. One of the
ways said by some to be a waste of time is Announcement Lists.

Now I agree that announcement lists are not one of the
Power-Packed methods of promoting your ezine or business but for
a few minutes work a day for a couple weeks a month, you can
pick up a few contacts, customers, or subscribers. That doesn't
sound too bad.

I have found that announcing to these lists will be a confusing
and lost task if you do not set up a system for managing your
lists and submissions. The first step is to subscribe to several
of the better lists. Some of the lists will be loaded with junk
ads and/or spam. You want to find the lists that are for posting
ezine and website ads. There are several lists that are for
posting home biz opps and work at home jobs, but I found those
to be too filled with junk ads.

Here are a few that I have subscribed to: (new one)

Here are some for your website

Some of these addys may no longer be active. If you find several
dead ones, feel free to email me for some alternate addresses.

Now for getting set up. What you want to do is get a financial
notebook that has the five columns. In the title area, you will
write the name of the list and the main guidelines, such as no
urls and post once a week. This is for a reminder. In the first
column header write the month and year, May-01. In the next five
column headings write Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5.

The next step is to read the guidelines for each list and write
an appropriate ad or announcement. When you have finished each
ad, address it and save it to your announcement lists folder.
When you complete an ad for each list, save it to disk also. As
soon as all the ads are finished, you can then send them out.
What I do is separate them throughout the week, so I have about
10 - 20 that get mailed each day.

Once your folder and your date book are set up, all you have to
do is open your book, go through each list to see which ones you
mail out on that particular day and then open that message up
then click and send. You would then write in your date book
under the appropriate week, the day and date, Wed. 22.

You follow this procedure each day and it will only take minutes
to send out all your announcements. I would do this every other
week. You also might want to update your ads every so often. I
have found that this method is very effective and it could be
for you as well.

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