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I am sure by now, you have decided, what you are going to be on this night of Halloween! However, if you are still confused, here are some cute little ideas on what you can be on this pumpkin fun night!

In Europe,Guest Posting Halloween is considered a good time to spend with family and friends and to do some fun costume wearing and going door to door to play the games of trick-a-treat! Especially the tradition is fun for kids.

Originally, the Halloween we celebrate today has deviated a lot from the original concept. However, in some rural areas, there are still some people, who place turnip lantern on gateposts to protect their homes from the spirits, who roamed on Halloween night. Some toss objects such as stones, vegetables and nuts into a bonfire to frighten away the spirits.  These symbolic sacrifices are also used as fortune-telling tools. Such as, if a pebble thrown into the flames at night is no longer there in the morning, it indicates the death of the person, who threw the pebble, in the upcoming year. But in cities, people mostly amuse in this night with fun costume wearing, dinner and parties and playing trick-a-treat games.

Last minute shopping is mostly hectic, but we have some amazing ideas to perk up your Halloween night with some online shopping from UK’s most reliable store John Lewis. You can shop all what you need this Halloween, and within no time, your items will be delivered to you. Here are some cute little ideas for kiddos and young girls on what to become this Halloween, as you go door to door, carrying your little trick-a-treat basket, and asking for money!

Pumpkin Princess

This is a cute pumpkin peachy look, perfect for young girls for this Halloween. To get this look, wear your best orange-colored skirt and get dolled up with orange lip gloss, some peachy blush on and everything happy and orange. You can find some amazing accessories to complete this look, like Halloween, pumpkin mask, pumpkin wreath and to top it all, a cute little pumpkin trick-a-treat bag at John Lewis store. So order your things and be the pumpkin princess of the night.

Spider Spider on the wall!

If you want to be the spider queen of the evening, get some metals chains and tie them up on your waist for creating a spider web illusion. Pat your face with white baby powder or white blemish covering stick. Then draw lines on your face with eyeliner and then blend them well with surroundings with your finger. To finish the look, buy a spider headband and spider trick-a-treat bag from john lewis stores.
Evil Witch

If you want to become the witch on the night, cover your face with green or white powder or white blemish cover stick. Draw lines in a “V” shape in the middle of your forehead and also create some lines around the mouth with black makeup stick. Tease and spray hair with a super stick hairspray. Place in a few plastic bugs. To make your look witchier, buy witch gloves and witch hat from John Lewis and you are perfectly ready to fly your broom in the night of horror!

So hurry up! Choose your theme and amuse yourself with the fun of last minute online shopping! Have a happy, safe and spook-filled Halloween!

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