Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Bang and Branded Beauty Products

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Beauty Products on this mother day

Mother’s day is fast approaching and unlike last year,Guest Posting this time, you better remember it. A lot of you do not know which day it usually falls. If you are one of them, no need to worry. Mother’s day is always celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May. Now that you know when to wish her ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ are you going to do it empty handed? It is always nice to receive gifts, but it is nicer to give something special to someone special. Especially, for a mother, there is nothing compared to the joy of receiving a matte lipstick from her child. It does make them feel exceptional. However, get some research done before zeroing down on the appropriate lipstick shades for your mother. If you wish, you can even buy a whole basket of beauty products for her.

Women and beauty care go hand in hand. Apart from makeup, such as matte lipstick, there are other beauty products, such as face washes, face creams, makeup brushes etc., which are equally essential. So, don’t forget to include them in the basket as well. Although, make sure the beauty products, primarily the lipstick shades you buy for your mother are from a trusted brand. They should also be healthy for skin and not animal tested. Here are some suggestions, which are an absolute must for the beauty basket:

Both, a face wash and a face scrub are important,

  • A skin toner,
  • Face creams especially a sunscreen lotion; a variety is available in the market, buy something that you mother uses mostly.
  • A liquid foundation and a powdered foundation that match her skin tone
  • A concealer
  • A blush-on; there are usually shades of red and pink.
  • Eye shadows are extremely important as well. Starting from single shade to multiple shades, a variety is available in the market. These beauty products are better bought as multiple shades since they give a lot of options.
  • A liquid eyeliner and a mascara
Next item that should go in beauty basket is the lipstick. This is a little tricky because which kind of finish your mother uses, hard to find out. You can ask her directly whether she uses glossy or matte lipstick. This is equally important as the lipstick shades. Nail polish and a nail polish remover.

In the end, put in a make remover because a beauty basket would be incomplete without it.

More or less, any beauty basket should comprise of all these beauty products. Nonetheless, assembling variety of different branded products can be a costly affair. At a time of crisis, such as this, always shop online. The fact that branded products are sold at reasonable prices makes online shopping very attractive. Moreover, it is efficient as it gives the buyer a lot of variety and the opportunity to patiently go through all the products. Some online stores also have the option of gift cards, which one can redeem on special occasions.

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