Enjoy the Best of Australian Wilderness

Sep 16


Harley Leon

Harley Leon

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Try visiting some of the pristine environments in Western Australia with your kith and kin. Enjoy your weekend and get refreshed for next Monday morning


Hello! Welcome back to my Travel Diaries.


Australia always fascinated me with its pristine lands,Enjoy the Best of Australian Wilderness Articles beaches, unique flora and fauna. You can spend time exploring the best of Australia after all these pandemic situations are finally over. But before that, I want to help you to find some of the amazing places in Australia worth visiting. 


Have you ever been to Sydney? Have you heard about the Sydney Harbour dinner cruise? Well, it is one of the best ways to have both prime views of Sydney Harbour and the perks of being in a cruising restaurant. Even though it is not today's topic, I want you to experience some fun and thrill whilst visiting Sydney. On board a Sydney Harbour cruise for a dinner with amazing views.  


Okay, enough. 


Have you heard about El Questro Wilderness Park before? If not, you should visit this amazing place too. It is beautiful, serene, eco-friendly, and one of the best places to visit in Australia. The famous El Questro park is a recreational spot in Kununurra, in the East Kimberley region, in Western Australia. The destination is often considered as the best spot to explore Australia in its innateness and bright sun. 


El Questro station is popular as the best primary accommodation with commendable customer service. There are a variety of accommodation services, you can choose what works for you. El Questro Station is set up on the banks of the crocodile-free Pentecost River. There are plenty of picnic areas, green busy landscape, and definitely a variety of rich Australian wildlife. The station is passenger friendly, family friendly, and specifically, kids friendly. You can carry your little bon-bons well, super cool, and happy. If you and your travel partner need to cool off a bit and enjoy some of the Australian sparklings, you can definitely go to restaurants and bars. There are some amazing restaurants with delicious food and great customer service. You can definitely enjoy the place, I guarantee!


The waterways on the route to El Questro station would work as a perfect photo backdrop. Sit on the rocks and click some super cool photos. The green background will  definitely give you amazing results and super cool photos. Try touching the water and feel the freshness it gives. You will be blissed!. You can camp at El Questro if you want. The Black Cockatoo Campground is one of the best places I have ever stayed. It is a beautiful shady campground located near to the Steakhouse Restaurant and Swinging Arm Bar; again some of the best spots to relax on. Taste some of the best Western Australian cuisine. You can swim in the Pentecost River if you want to. The water is fresh, clean, and crocodile free. If you are freaking fond of water, swim and feel brand new. 

Yeah, about accommodations, you can choose camping if you are much into it. Or, you can definitely go for Powdered Sites, super quality, spacious Bungalows, or even for a Private Bush Camping. They also provide parking and fuel facilities. Some of the beautiful residents never fail to welcome you- donkeys!. They are tamed, friendly, and always interested to pose with you. Oh… now I miss all those beautiful sights, the pretty sun, garden-fresh oasis, all those green picnic spots, white pretty cockatoo, and young healthy boab tree in the middle. 


You can spend your evening in the Bistro and Pub with some live music and friendly get-togethers. Relax and get refreshed with the tune. Be vigorous and fresh as daisy. Get delighted in the natural wilderness and experience the best of Australian spirit. El Questro is just one of the places that offers an eco-friendly atmosphere and unspoiled water and nature. Try visiting El Questro and let me know what you feel about the place. In the meantime, I will get back to you with more super cool spots to visit in Western Australia.


Till then, bye!