FaceApp Privacy Concerns!

Jan 6




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Gone are those days when people used to fantasize how they might look like in a few decades,FaceApp Privacy Concerns! Articles but the arrival of artificial intelligence photo altering feature, morphing any face into what countenance they might resemble in the future has become a breeze.

Face App has gain immense popularity in recent times. The images of celebrities and civilians, apparently aged far beyond their years, drenched social media feed and broadcast news programs within a couple of days. Several well-known personalities had been using the app’s age filter to modify their photographs and put forward the glimpses of what they could look like in the upcoming times. Such list of celebrities incorporates Drake, Gordon Ramsay, the Jonas Brothers and Dwyane Wade.


This amazing app has been around since 2017. The app can conjure up a realistic image of what a face might look like with different styles of hairs, shades and a goatee. The program has three age filters- two for younger and one for older. Moreover, the craze amongst the people to witness the creepy pictures of themselves morphed into younger and older versions has urge even the skeptical users to dig into what the app is all about.

What does FaceApp do with my photos?

The app’s user agreement policy states that the images, names and likeness gathered from the users can be used for any purpose, in any city or country, at the company’s discretion. There are a number of social media companies having a policy that if you share content to their platforms, they can utilize it for promotional and discount purposes too. Similar goes with the FaceApp, the agreement allow the app to enter the user’s browser history, cookies, log files, metadata and more. Furthermore, they can also share the user’s data with third-party partners for marketing or advertising purpose.

Is FaceApp safe?

The precise answer is a yes with a but! Face App is equally safer, like all the other apps you probably use every day. Face App is doing nothing suspicious, so if you’re worried about your information or data, know that there are myriad of other apps on your phone or tablet doing the same kind of data mining.

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