Free Advertising, Exposure And Traffic Through Powerful Testimonials

Jul 22


Paula Morrow

Paula Morrow

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There's nothing like a glowing review tomake you feel better about a ... can help overcome doubts, ... and really ramp up the ... factor. Such is the power ofa ...


There's nothing like a glowing review to
make you feel better about a purchase.
It can help overcome doubts,Free Advertising, Exposure And Traffic Through Powerful Testimonials Articles answer
questions, and really ramp up the
excitement factor. Such is the power of
a well-written, well-placed testimonial.

In this age of skepticism, many people
sometimes discount testimonials, feeling
like they're fake, or made up.

But we know better!

Site owners recognize that there is nothing like a positive, unsolicited testimonial from a customer to strengthen a professional reputation. Especially if the customer shares how their product or service changed their lives for the better.

They usually post these in very public
areas, for obvious reasons.

Now, imagine the exposure your name
and URL will receive if YOUR testimonial is posted. There you are, commonly in a highlighted box, with your URL hyperlinked back to your web site.

Think some potential prospects will come across this link and perhaps, out of curiosity, click through to your site? Especially if you combine a mention of your own product or service within the testimonial? I've seen people get an enormous amount of additional traffic this way.

Do this quick exercise. Go to some of the 'guru' websites. Look for the testimonials. You'll start noticing the same names and URL's showing up over and over again. These people are on to something! Namely, spillover traffic!

Plus, by being seen on the web sites of a heavy hitter, the writers' credibility is enhanced by affiliation.

Testimonials are a win-win.

Do yourself a favor - from now on, every time you sign up for a free service, buy a product, or sign up for an affiliate program, write a short testimonial and send it to the web site's owner/webmaster.

You may soon see your words emblazoned
across another's web site.

If you have a web site you want to target for a good testimonial, follow these tips:

*First of all, look to see if testimonials are posted. If so, where? Make sure they are in high traffic areas, especially if they're
not on the first page.

*Study the other testimonials for tone and wording...determine what the webmaster is looking for. Then write and submit a better one.

*Link the testimonial to specific benefits you gained from the product/service. Try to weave in the nature of your own business, how you were able to use the new product/ service, and its positive impact.

*Always, always include your link with your name

*Try this same technique with ezines!

Now, Put The Shoe On The Other Foot!
When you are ready to launch a new
product, approach those heavy hitters that have used your testimonials on their sites in the past. Give them a free 'review' copy, in exchange for a testimonial. Now, suddenly, you're following in the guru's footsteps, except that the shoe's on the
other foot - now they're endorsing you!

Think this could have a positive effect on sales? You tell me!

A testimonial only takes a few minutes to write. If enough of your comments are used across the Internet, those few minutes could turn into a very profitable investment.