Social Media Trends 2020: A Better Approach To Digital Marketing

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Let us dive into the 7 most important social media trends that will ultimately help you drive more traffic, increase sales, and achieve great brand exposure.

Every new year comes with the opportunities to reevaluate everything you did in the last year and explore the distinct ways to improve your social media marketing tactics. In the year 2018,Guest Posting where all the SEO strategies offered the maximum benefits to the business owners, social media is one of those that evolved and will continue to rise in 2020 and the coming years. 

Moreover, along with the drastic growth in the technologies and potential of social media platforms the expectations of the audience are rising day by day which makes it more important to provide them everything beyond their expectations.  

So, now there’s the need to figure out what social media trends you need to opt and work on in 2020.

1. Prioritize Your Audience

In 2020, your first priority should be your audience as social media is all about interacting and building relationships. As if you won’t care about your audience’s needs then how can you expect them to show interest in your business. Being authentic and active on all your social media channels and responding to your customer’s queries timely can be a good start. In this way, you will be able to offer great user experience achieving overall social business loyalty.

So, if you want to increase the organic reach to your site then be available 24 hours and interact with them to meet their requirements as they play a significant role in making your brand stand out in the crowd. 

2. Video, Video, and Video

Video? Evergreen? Yes Of Course!

For many entrepreneurs or marketers, video is not a new concept but is very effective if one understands how to carry out the right video strategy.  Want to know how to use video marketing for attracting more traffic? Let’s dive in.

i) Interactive Videos: Posting the videos and letting it drive the traffic on own won’t work in 2020. This time you’ll need to create videos that can be run in the form of ads too with different Facebook tools like IGTV, etc.

ii) Smartphone-Based Quality Videos: As the number of mobile users is growing day by day, it has become more vital to create everything from sites, content to visuals compatible with smartphones.

So strategize your goals, recreate the content where is the need, and provide the quality videos that are more of organic touch than highly overlooked content. Eventually, focus on providing interesting, informative, and useful videos that can generate as much as possible traffic and conversions. 

3. Chatbots And Facebook Messenger

In 2018, Facebook launched some new and exciting line features like updating with stories, sharing live videos, and more. These features for many brands became the source of connecting with their followers without leaving any negative impact on their social profiles. Not only this but many brands started creating private accounts to generate more engagement. So, here’s the need to invest in tools that can help you in understanding the audience’s needs and offer a great user experience that will be beneficial for both customers as well as for your brand. Make 2020 a year with advantages using private groups and social accounts. 

4. Retain Your Followers 

This year, you as a marketer will need to regain the trust of customers as only this will help to build emotional connections further influencing the people to follow and engage in your brand. In 2018, people faced security breaches, social media scandals, and more which means now its the time to rebuild the trust of the audience. So, let us talk about the ways to take the users in confidence and increase your brand’s visibility online. 

i) Stop asking the users for likes, comments, and shares all the time: Instead of pushing the customers or begging all the time to like your posts or share them create the content that automatically attracts the audience to reach your posts and react to your CTAs. 

ii) Carry out communication instead of Selling: Don’t keep on selling the services and products all the time. Invite your followers, communicate with them, and solve their queries.

5. Analytics Dashboard Will Rule 

The value of analytics should not be left unnoticed. It’s obvious that most of the social media managers run away from gathering the data and social media performance results every week and month. But in 2020, it is the time to invest in the analytic tool that can help you keep the track of metrics, number of conversions, and more. This way you’ll be able to know whether your social media strategy is working and what improvements are required to achieve the maximum benefits. 

6. Investing In Influencer Marketing

If we talk about influencer marketing then it is one of the worthiest ways to gain huge exposure. In fact, it is a great source and an excellent strategy to connect with users who neglect traditional social media approaches. 

Most of the startups and entrepreneurs take the help of local or micro-influencers because these people acquire huge fan followings and are more certain to draw the attention of a wide audience. So, the businesses with enough budget opt the influencer that is perfect for their niche and audience. 

7. Strategic Employee Advocacy Programs 

According to social media marketing strategists, encouraging your employees with good content will automatically push them to talk about your brand. This will eventually help in personalizing your brand, increasing online visibility, and much more. 

So, get ahead of this social media trend in 2020 by determining your internal relationships and communication with the employees. What you can do more better than employee satisfaction?

Undoubtedly, the coming years will also revolve around the active audience on social media channels. So, implementing all these trends can surely help you out in addressing the social media users and connecting with the people related to your niche further offering the users a personalized experience. However, if you are totally unaware of how social media can benefit your brand then you can find the best SEO firm in India that offers the best-in-class digital marketing services to ensure the growth of your brand.

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