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Ebooks and special reports are two of the most basic forms of info products. They are relatively easy to create and distribute and best of all, these products can generate passive you make while you sleep. But, you have to know the most effective way possible to resell eBooks.

By adding resell rights to your information products,Guest Posting it can create significant added value, but you have to know the most effective way possible to resell eBooks.

It can be confusing to a new marketer it you're not familiar with the many different kinds of resell rights. But, do not deny yourself the chance to put a really good resell rights product to work for you, if you find one that's ideal for either your list or affiliate marketers you're hoping to attract.

Here is some basic types of resell rights you need to know:

Basic Resell Rights

- You may resell the eBook unlimited times and keep 100% of your sales.
- You cannot change the content
- Always check license terms to see if there are restrictions on the price you are allowed                        
  to sell it for
- You cannot imply or state that you are the author
- Very important: You cannot transfer your Resale Rights to any buyer

Giveaway Rights

- Can include it as a bonus
- Can give away, but never sell or alter the book contents in any way
- Best use: This is good for increasing your value or generating sign-ups

Master Resell Rights

- Can resell or include as a bonus - as well as sell the Resell Rights License
- Usually more expensive, to reflect the greater value
- May be some restrictions. Always read the license

Private Label Resell Rights (PLR)

- Can and should be customized and changed
- Comes in .txt format
- You can combine PLR articles or split a PLR eBook into different modules (ecourses or      
  email series, blog posts, etc.)
- You can and should put your own name on it

Branding Rights
- Can replace existing links with your own custom ones to create instant commission when 
  the customer purchases the product

Top 2 Best Recommendations:

When you acquire master resell rights, you sell the product or service to your customers, and you  may also grant your customers the right to sell it. This allows your customers to also sell the product with master resell rights.

With rebranding resell rights, you may replace the author links with yours. That is in addition to normal resell rights. This is the easiest type of eBook for affiliates to customize, if you are seeking affiliates to promote your products.

The downside of these types? Both Master Resell Rights and Brandable Rights products are  usually more costly to purchase. But, the price usually doesn't outweigh the advantages of new  product creation, saving time and attracting more affiliates. Therefore, these are definitely the best resell rights to invest in if you plan to use resell rights eBooks to give an added boost to your passive online income.

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