Rose Gold Wedding Bands Take Engagements By Storm

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Why is rose gold coming up as the latest trend in men and ladies wedding bands? Is there value is choosing it for yourself or is this newest fashion just a flash in the pan? The latest fashions dictate that men and ladies rose gold wedding bands are definitely the way to go.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands Say,Guest Posting "I Love You"

It's no secret that when it comes to accessorizing in 2011, the trend on fire is rose gold. Those fanning the flames of this hot fashion are world-class trend setters from the likes of Ivanka Trump to Victoria Beckham, who themselves have been spotted sporting this beautiful reddish gold (incidentally its color comes from adding a hint of copper to the alloy) on their wrists and fingers. More and more couples are likewise tuning into the warm tones of a rose gold wedding band, desiring something a little more unique than the typical white or yellow gold versions. It adds that little something extra to an already exciting and life changing occasion. And when you are choosing a ring that will be such an important part of your personal ensemble, you want it to be as unique as you are. But falling in love with this steamy alternative is not only for her, ladies are quickly including their men in on the action by choosing a men's rose gold wedding band for him as well.


Knows How to Share The Spotlight

The consensus of couples choosing rose gold for matching wedding bands is that it complements those with a deep bronzy glow and fair complexions alike. Not all of us are blessed with the ability to tan so easily. And how often are we forced to wear just silver or just gold because one or the other doesn't match our skin tone? Thus ensues the ring shopping nightmare, you are in one corner choosing a ring and the love of your life is in the opposite, you find yourself waving across the showroom reassuringly, "love you sweetie, I'll meet you in an hour after I pick out my set, hope it ends up matching yours just a little." Exactly what message is that sending? However, when it comes to your wedding set, isn't it romantic to be able to choose something that symbolizes how in sync you really are with each other? Something that announces to the world, "We belong together."

Will this be your first piece of rose gold? Do some comparisons yourself, and you'll see this hot trend in jewelry doesn't clash when worn side by side with your favorite silver, white or yellow gold accessories. After all, variety is the spice of life, so go ahead and mix and match with your look till your little fashionista's heart is content. For many, versatility is another draw. Men who wear a rose gold wedding band have said that they love the look because it stands out, not only while dressed in a suit but when relaxing in their Levi's or khakis. Since you won't look under or over dressed no matter what you're doing, there will be no excuses to leave the ring at home, right?

Here to Stay

History will testify that trends come and go, but rose gold stands fast and is making no plans for departure. It's debut came in the early 19th century, yet we are still charmed by its longevity and ability to capture the essence of love with its fiery tones. It perfectly symbolizes the beauty and excellence of true love.

The latest fashions dictate that men and ladies rose gold wedding bands are definitely the way to go. Top designers COGE (German Precision) and BENCHMARK to name only a few, have a full array of styles to choose from, in order to satisfy the most diverse shoppers. Find your favorite look now at and don't get left behind.

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