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Gaining exposure and ... ... should be a top ... you intend on being ... ... and ... articles is arguably the most ... free wayto achieve the afo

Gaining exposure and establishing credibility should be a top priority
if you intend on being successful Online.

Writing and submitting articles is arguably the most effective free way
to achieve the aforementioned,Guest Posting but there is another proven self
promotion method that is often overlooked ...

Regular Online forum interaction.

Discussion forums, bulletin boards, Online communities, group chat, etc.,
in other words, a group of individuals with a common interest that share
an interactive environment.

Every niche market has one or more of these high exposure, hot beds
of interactivity available to them, and the numbers continue to increase.

Reputable forums do NOT tolerate outright promotion, allowing (in most
cases) only a signature file as identification.

This is actually a key benefit, as it helps maintain a controlled
environment, setting the stage for positive, content rich interaction.

Once you've established yourself through regular postings, the level of
trust, credibility, acknowledgement, and exposure you achieve will
increase, commensurate to how well you're received by your fellow

Here is a list of Internet Marketing forums that I frequent:

Anthony Blake Online - Entrepreneurial Success Forum

Bryan Hall's Success Network Forums

Neil Shearing's Internet Success Forum (member's only)

Jim Daniel's BizWeb 2000 BB

Klaus Dahl's Forum

Lesley Fountain's Friends In Business BB

Home Business Websites Forum

Michael Green's How To Corp Forum

Jan Tallent-Dandridge's Newbies911 Forum

Diane Hughes' ProBizTips Forum

Merle's MC Promotions Forum

Seeds Of Wisdom Forum

Allen Says' Warrior Forum

Willie Crawford's Marketing Forum

Terry Dean's Netbreakthroughs Forum (members only)

To find an Online interactive community that targets your niche ...

If you're interested in launching your own discussion forum, I highly recommend
Michael Green's brand new release "How To Start A Forum"
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So give yourself, and your potential Online success, a boost ... and get interactive!

Regards, Mike Merz

Feel free to use this article as you wish, as long as the content,
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Mike Merz is a well known Internet Marketing consultant,
and the owner of Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC
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Mike Merz

Mike Merz is a well known Internet marketing expert,
and owner of Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC
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