Step by Step Guide for Marketing to Lazy People

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Step by Step Guide for ... to Lazy ... Gary ... show you how to win the hearts of lazy people and getthem to be your loyal ... are simply lazy and if you keep this in mindwhe

Step by Step Guide for Marketing to Lazy People

by: Gary Huynh

I'll show you how to win the hearts of lazy people and get
them to be your loyal fans.

People are simply lazy and if you keep this in mind
whenever you're creating a marketing campaign or writing
copy you'll be able to get more people to do as you wish.

Let's take for example the simple process of rebranding an

If you have a rebrandable ebook which promotes 10 different
rebrandable affiliate program links,Guest Posting you likely won't get
many people to rebrand it.

You and I both know that rebranding an ebook is much easier
than creating one and making it rebrandable. So if it's so
easy then the person who downloaded your ebook should be
able to rebrand it right?

Wrong! A lazy person will not want to have to sign up for
all those programs and figure out how to rebrand your
ebook. Since rebrandable ebooks are fairly easy to find
nowadays online because they're such a great viral
marketing tool, your prospect will just not rebrand your
ebook. For them it's just too much work.

To counter this, you just make it easy for them to rebrand
your ebook. One way is to just promote just a few affiliate
programs. Ideally, you should only promote one affiliate
program in your rebrandable ebook. So the lazy person only
has to sign up for one program.

Second, you should create a video screen capture tutorial
using such software as

A tool such as Camtasia Studio gives you ultimate power in
winning the hearts of lazy people. That's because it's a
video and audio tool which allows your prospects to learn
without having to do research and without having to read.

Don't make your lazy prospects read too much and don't make
them do research. Anything you can do on your end for the
lazy marketer will improve your response rate.

If lazy prospects ever feel like what you're telling them
to do is going to take too much work, then they'll simply
follow an easier route, which will not be the route you
want them to take.

Don't just tell your prospects that you want them to do
something - give them the tools they can use to finish your
task. If you tell them to contact joint venture partners to
promote your affiliate program, give them a template jv
letter they can use.

Don't just tell them to find article directories and submit
some articles. Give them a list of article directories to
use. They won't do the research even if for you it seems
pretty easy work.

I'm telling you, people are naturally lazy. If you can do
all the work for them then you'll get a much higher
response from your contacts. Use this simple fact to get
better response from your online marketing.

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