MLM Training: Since When Could You Generate MLM Leads With a Lazy Downline?

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MLM training of the past would tell us to avoid lazy downline members like the plague. If we were serious MLM downline builders, we should generate mlm leads net of the world's lazy folk. But with the advent of online MLM, it seems that far from being a problem. lazy downline members can be exactly what your business needs.

Are your kind offers of help to generate MLM leads and MLM training in general falling on deaf ears?

You know,Guest Posting having a lazy downline used to be the quickest route to grey hair and stomach complaints known to the MLM community. I remember taking some of the world's least motivated MLM downline builders to hotel meetings and major functions. They used to duck behind a pillar after five minutes, petrified I'd introduce them to anyone successful.

Usually they were outside (in all weathers) with the smokers, even those that didn't smoke. Obviously they preferred the atmosphere of stale tobacco to the sound of motivated and committed upline telling them they could be successful!

But a lot has changed since then. For one thing, MLM training is not so dominated by huge get-togethers, with a sizeable 'cajoled' contingent. Some of the world's biggest MLM downline builders generate MLM leads online in such numbers that it is this type of MLM training that is in higher demand rather than tips on how to successfully hand out a DVD to 'Nigel from Accounts'.

Another past problem with lazy downline members was the fact that their laziness would duplicate downwards. So as we tried to create an 'on-message' group of enthusiastic MLM downline builders under these individuals, the apathy would dilute anything we said to them. As the new people would be friends of our lazy downline, our positive influence would be drastically diluted.

It seems crazy today that some of us allowed lazy downline members to sap our enthusiasm to such an extent. Maybe you remember that feeling of leaving a large gathering full of revved and motivated distributors and thinking 'I wish my own group had even one percent of that'.

Yes, in the old days, trying to crowbar MLM training tools into the hands of our lazy downline wasted so much time, it wasn't even funny. I was expecting people to generate MLM leads when it wasn't even certain they were generating a pulse.

Another thing lazy downline members would never dream of doing was retailing products. Some would give me a look that would strip paint. The notion of actually doing something was the element of the MLM training that met with the most dogged resistance!

Any attempts by me to generate MLM leads 'under' my lazy downline where also sabotaged. Maybe they were supreme MLM downline builders 'in the rough'. But there's rough and rough, isn't there. It was all so much hard work for which there was no reward. I'm getting welled up here!

But these days lazy downline members are not going to hasten our ageing process and make us question what on earth made us think we could ever be succesful MLM downline builders. Even more than that, they can be precisely the kind of distributors we do want on board! Eh?

It's true. It's not an uncommon human failing to want the rewards of a large independent income stream such as the big-hitting MLM downline builders enjoy whilst doing next to nothing to attain it. In days gone by we'd say something trite to them like 'the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.'

But now, it is possible to generate MLM leads, leveraging off a lazy downline, giving you and them exactly what they want. Sure it might cost them a little of their cash, but for a lazy downline the idea of having negligible work to do and zero rejection to face is very seductive. Why not give them that? They may become ambitious over time. but their reluctance to commit up front on faith alone no longer means that there's no room for the lazy. Bring them in!

They may never generate MLM leads for themselves and never really become MLM downline builders, but contrary to what outdated MLM training would have us believe in the past, a lazy downline can contribute hugely to your success and let's face it, that opens up one enormous market!

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