You Need the Amazing Power of Articles to Become Successful Online

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Whether you are a newcomer to online marketing or you’ve been in the trenches for some time, you need to learn how to write zero cost articles and harness their amazing power to drive hordes of visitors to your website and email inbox.

You will miss out on a goldmine of potential buyers if you do not…

You need an all-in-one kit that:

  1. Allows you to be in total control of operations
  2. Countermands the ever-changing search engine vagaries
  3. Outstrips all other forms of web promotion
  4. Constitutes the ultimate weapon in viral marketing
  5. Exerts infinite influence on article exposure
  6. Produces an ever-increasing stream of links
  7. Builds lists of pre-qualified prospects
  8. Works for any niche opportunity
  9. Taps into a goldmine of browsing buyers
  10. Attracts incremental sales
  11. Grows your business at zero cost
  12. Has the power to make you famous online

But you need more than points 1-12…

You need to learn…

  • How to research the topic before you write your article
  • How to use keywords and phrases to stimulate interest
  • How to use magnetic verbs to trigger impulse buying
  • How to command the reader's subconscious
  • How to use subheads to catch quick readers
  • How to create mental movies in the prospect's mind
  • How to educate,Guest Posting inform, and motivate the reader
  • How to address the WIIFM questions on everyone's lips
  • How to think like the people you want to influence
  • Why simple words and short sentences work best
  • How to develop the power of speaking with authority
  • How to avoid over-egging the clichés
  • How to paint word pictures that drive visitors in hoards to your website
  • How to craft articles that zing like bullets shot from a bell

But even all that isn’t enough…

You also need to learn…

  • How to write editorials; not ad copy
  • Why you must be totally truthful in your claims
  • How to start with an eye-grabbing headline
  • How to fire your biggest gun in the first sentence
  • Why you must fire the next biggest in the next 2 sentences
  • How to roll out the remaining text on in crisp chunky paragraphs
  • How to break it up with occasional subheads
  • How to keep your dialogue conversational
  • Why you must restrict the word count to acceptable limits
  • Why your resource box is the catalyst to successful article distribution
  • How to choose your core keywords
  • How to prepare the ‘description’ copy
  • How to become accepted as an expert article author

And when you’ve learned all this you will discover that…

  1. Articles do outstrip all other forms of web promotion
  2. Articles do constitute the ultimate weapon in viral marketing
  3. Articles do exercise an infinite influence in product exposure
  4. Articles do create an ever-growing stream of links back to your website
  5. Articles do continue to work irrespective of the search engines
  6. Articles do build lists of pre-qualified prospects
  7. Articles work for any niche opportunity
  8. Articles do tap into a goldmine of browsing buyers
  9. Articles do attract incremental sales
  10. Articles do grow business at zero-cost
  11. Articles do have the power to make you famous online

If you would like to learn even more about the amazing power of articles, click on the link in the resource box below.

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