Youth Engaging in Social Media Platforms

Jan 31


Shailendra Singh1

Shailendra Singh1

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This is an analysis of social media marketing trends for 2013. Take a look at the external platform of the youth market that as anticipated will play a vital role in further strengthening the role of social media marketing.

It will strengthen the all-inclusive marketing plans for several brands and businesses through the digital marketing services and pursuing it efficiently to involve the youth market through social media stages-

External Platform

Graphic Content

2012 was a year of being exclusive and voicing oneself through social media marketing services and this will tumble over into 2013 too.   The graphic content in social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest fruitfully bagged the attention of the youth in 2012.  Graphic content will stay to appeal more to the youth,Youth Engaging in Social Media Platforms Articles as more products will go visual to cater to them.

Social TV

The way in which the youth look at TV has transformed significantly due to the influence of social media on the daily lives of a lot of youth.  Twitter has been playing a vital role; most youth indicate their desired shows and observe what is in vogue or being debated by their peers. Eventually, this social media communication is driving them to watch TV either out of likeness or inquisitiveness, while at the same time networking with others on their social networking stages about what they are viewing.

Social media is thus generating that much-desired dynamic viewer for TV. 2013 will, see the youth discussing more about TV shows on social systems, thus further firming the medium of TV and social media association.

Social Awareness

Through social media, there will be an improved participation in social causes as the youth share information with their peers about foundations they are ardent about.

Current Affairs

Social media is leading to a better interest in present matters, with legal, political and financial subjects being regularly debated.   Due to the "panic of missing out", most youth are trailing the trending stories and paying attention to updates from their peers. This is the on-the-move cohort who has material at the slope of their fingers and a bigger want to voice their feelings.

Social media is, thus, becoming a podium whereby youth are not only staying updated with contemporary matters, but also having their view on significant matters that touch them. The effective usage of social media to upsurge monetary dealings by the youth will surely be the eventual idea for several products.