3 Reasons to Buy Beeswax Candles

May 16


Anas Jafri

Anas Jafri

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In this day and age, people are leaning more towards healthier living choices. Gone are the days when people grab food off of shelves and pay no attention to the actual ingredients in the food (which are packed with preservatives and other various ingredients most don’t know how to spell or even pronounce).


The same thing goes with common household products. People no longer want to save some money buying cheaper cleaning supplies,3 Reasons to Buy Beeswax Candles Articles for example, or candles that are ridden with harsh chemicals. Instead, they’d rather dish out a few extra bucks to spend on healthier alternatives.

When my sister got pregnant, she became much more aware of what she placed in her body and what chemicals were in which products. I remember she used to buy candles for every occasion: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, the four seasons, etc. When the weather was nice, the windows were open and the candles were lit, allowing the scent to travel throughout the house. After she became pregnant, however, she realized that all of these candles contained harsh chemicals that were harmful to the body and all of those candles were tossed in the dumpster. She no longer stocks up on candles; however, after reading this article, she might start a new collection.

Growing up, my mother collected Natural Beeswax Candles for special occasions like holidays. We had a limited stock of beeswax tapers that were set in tall holders in the middle of the table during dinner. I have no idea whether or not she knew about the benefits of beeswax candles, but after doing some research, I’ll have to give her a call and find out. Maybe she was ahead of her time, or maybe she just had good taste in candle choice. Regardless, it’d be selfish not to share what I found. If you’re looking for a healthier replacement to, for example, CVS brand scented candles, here are three reasons why beeswax candles should be your go-to choice.

Beeswax Candles Purify the Air
You know that black smoke you see when you burn a candle or blow it out? Do you know what it is? Soot. Not only can this black soot leave stains on your walls and your furniture, but it can leave stains on your health as well. When you’re burning these toxic-ridden candles, the tiny soot particles that are emitted are easily inhaled and then trapped in your lungs causing respiratory irritation. Natural beeswax candles, however, contain negative ions that, when released, negate the positive charge of contaminants in the air, thus purifying the air you breath and reducing the amount of indoor pollutants.

Beeswax Candles Burn Longer
Aside from the health benefits, beeswax candles burn at a much longer rate than other candles. With a 10” taper beeswax candle, for example, you get a one-hour burn per inch of length. For a tealight candle, you can get up to five hours of burn time per candle. Just think about how long these candles will last!

Beeswax Candles Smell Great
As an added bonus to these fantastic beeswax candles, you not only get a free air-purifying service with each candle you buy (see above), but you also get a great smell. Who doesn’t love honey? No one I know. An all-natural sweetener, honey not only tastes great, but it smells great too! And better yet, if you think the scent of beeswax candles is bland, you can find beeswax candles mixed with essential oils to give you a variety of scents to choose from. What more could you ask for?

If I’ve sold you on choosing beeswax candles over any other candle option, you might be wondering where you can get them. Well, I have an answer for that too: Bluecorn Beeswax. Bluecorn Beeswax has dedicated twenty-six years to handcrafting natural beeswax candles for everyone! Dedicated to providing their customers with a healthier, quality alternative to candles, Bluecorn Beeswax not only offers a variety of beeswax candle options to choose from, but they provide you with helpful information to care for and make the most out of your purchase. So head on over to their website or contact them today to see what they can do for you!