ADT Security: Systems and Services

Nov 12


Quinlan Murray

Quinlan Murray

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ADT security systems comprise a range of fire detection, home security, close circuit television, and public address and voice alarm systems.


ADT Security Services is a worldwide supplier of electronic security systems,ADT Security: Systems and Services Articles communication systems, fire alarm systems and integrated building management systems. By providing one of the most reliable services, ADT has become synonymous with the security of your home, family and possessions.

Among the most popular services of the company are the monitored burglar alarms, video surveillance and fire security systems. With its six monitoring stations in the United States and Canada, ADT stands as the largest security company in the United States. Its state of the art technology and security expertise provides you total peace of mind.

Features of ADT Security Services

Due to its ease of use and reliability, ADT security has become an integral component of homes and commercial establishments. Its main features include:

  • Personalized wireless security system: These are among the most sophisticated wireless security systems. They provide effective security related communications.

  • 24 hour monitoring centers: Its monitoring centers provide round the clock services. Whenever the alarm is switched off, these centers are alerted. In case of break-ins, fires or other emergencies, they can respond immediately.

  • Quick and easy installation: They can set up the most advanced security equipments in a very short time. This makes the installation process less time-consuming.

ADT Security: Popular Products and Services

ADT relies on state of the art technology, with its main security systems being built around the latest development in the field. Some popular products and services include:

  • Home security and fire detection

  • Access control systems

  • Public address and voice alarm

  • Close Circuit Television (CCTV)

  • Security systems service and maintenance

Working of ADT Security Systems

Monitoring and installation of alarm systems is the forte of ADT Security Systems. On the occurrence of unforeseen events, such as fire, intrusion or carbon monoxide emission, the alarm is triggered and the monitoring centers are alerted. The monitoring specialists at these centers analyze the data to determine the reason for the alarm trigger and the kind of response required. They also try to contact the location phone number to find out if the alarm was false. If the alarm is real, they notify the local fire station, the police or emergency services.

You can find the best deals on the various kinds of security systems on the Internet. A trusted dealer of these systems is ADS Home Security. It is able to provide quick installation of all kinds of security systems and prompt services in the areas that it operates in.

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