Astrology: The Best Guiding Tool for our Life!

Sep 11


mark smith sir

mark smith sir

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Astrology is based upon the position, movement and influence of distant cosmic objects, such as stars and planets on human lives.


What do you understand by astrology?People generally relate astrology with their zodiac sign,Astrology: The Best Guiding Tool for our Life! Articles which refers to one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. This free astrology, easily available with newspapers and various online web portals is sun-sign astrology i.e. it clearly depicts the sign where your sun was positioned at the time of your birth. It is probably the simplest form of horoscope prediction you can get as nothing more than person’s birth date is required to generate sun-sign horoscope. However, the sun-sign based prediction could tell you the most simplistic astrology.In order to produce rather accurate reading, astrologers wants to see what house and sign each planet was at during the time of birth. With the help of Vedic astrology, a form of complex and specific prediction is prepared often analyzing the subjects like personality, life, career, relationship and other future prospects. Not only personalized and comprehensive prediction, there are plethora of websites offering free astrology Reports to their customers based on Vedic astrology.  Is Astrology a Science? Astrology seems to be scientific in nature as it uses scientific knowledge related to heavenly bodies and scientific tools like horoscope charts etc.  While some rely upon this scientific tool to know their expectations from future, others are those who are curious to know about their future personalities and predictions. There is evidence about its certainty from the people who have actually experienced it and felt it that astrology has worked for them. Even with these evidences, the question is still the same- is astrology a scientific method to answer questions?                                                                                                                        

Just to check if astrology qualifies to be a scientific tool, here are few check points:•    The sun, the moon, the planets and the constellations, Astrology revolves around these heavenly bodies and as per our knowledge, these subjects were taught in science only.•    Just like science, astrology also relies on evidences. While astrology has been used to produce certain events and the results were examined later on where evidences partially contradicted and did not support the validity of astrology. The experience is same with science as scientists often perform experiments or tests that turns out to be wrong at times.  Astrology and its Achievements!

Although criticized by many, astrology is still the biggest source of knowledge for many. Some rely on it to know about their career, some for relationships, health and progeny. At last, be it any big or small issue, astrology is one of the best guiding tools as it helps in taking better decision. Final verdict!Believe or not, astrology is and will always remain a great guiding tool for its supporters. Despite of so many criticism and disapprovals, Vedic astrology even free astrology guidance, stood up as a blessing for many sufferers. Today, with advancement in technology and introduction of web support, you will get as many astrology based websites that will further help you know about future expectations from a specific event and hence get Prediction for different aspects of life.