Can women wear male perfumes?

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Perfumes are an important part of the daily lifestyle. While choosing there are perfumes that are made for both males and females. But, is it right to wear men’s perfumes for women? Here in this article, you will know whether male perfumes can be worn by females or not. 

Every girly woman likes to have perfumes in her wardrobe that are floral,Guest Posting musky and light. And, such kinds of perfumes work amazing on women but what about that minority women category who are not into that oh-so-subtle category? They don’t have much choice and due to this very reason, they end up wearing something totally different from their personality. However, now is the time to turn the tables and make women smell as bold as men.  

Why not go beyond the general rules of perfume and spray perfumes for men and experience something different. If you are thinking about how that is possible then stick till the end because we will give you tips and tricks to get male perfumes in your perfume for women's vanity. 

How to Add Perfume for Men in Women’s Vanity? 

#1 The first thing you can do is choose perfume for men with notes similar to perfume for women. For instance, you might have seen women’s perfumes including notes of florals, musky, and vanilla. All you have to do is find a perfume that is similar to these notes. This trick will help you get good male perfume without even losing your female charm. 

#2 Opt for subtle perfumes. Next time you visit a perfumery, ask the salesman to show male perfumes with subtle fragrances. Smell such fragrances and choose the one you actually like because this will be a great deal for you not to simply overpower. The perfumes can have any notes but the smell should be light and relaxing for the mind. Following this one will help you choose whatever you like and smell amazing. 

#3 The next trick on our list is to spray less. Most of us feel that spraying extra sprays of perfume will make it smell good and fresh for a long time but in reality, it is not right. You are not only wasting it but also making it smell overpowering. Follow the rule of three sprays. Just spray three times and you will smell great and not over the board. 

#4 Mask your perfume for women with a male scent. Just spray your regular female scent a little bit and then mask it with a male perfume. Try to go for one strong and one subtle scent with this trick. If you are choosing strong male perfume then spray subtle female perfume and vice-versa. Also, make sure to spray less because spraying more can ruin your personality and mood. 

#5 Opt for unisex perfumes. Yes, we know that you know this one already but we feel that people ignore this one easily. Unisex perfumes are the least chosen options but they need a lot of attention. Unisex perfumes are great as they give you not so subtle and not so overboard smell. Also, it is great for people who are always on budget. If you like smelling good with the same perfume for women and men then choose unisex perfumes. 

Following these tricks will not only help you smell great but also lets you choose what you really like. Now, you don't have to worry about wearing perfume for women if you don't like it. Go ahead and choose the one you like. Also, don't be embarrassed because following these tips will barely make it noticed by anyone. Just go ahead and buy the male perfumes for yourself by following the above-mentioned pointers. 

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