Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes are Still the Cynosure of all Eyes

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Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes have been a staple of American and Canadian society for almost 100 years! In 1917,Guest Posting Marquis M. Converse and the Converse Rubber Shoe company in Malden, Massachusetts, launched the first Converse All Star line. They were instantly popular: inexpensive, easily available, and durable.

It wasn't until 1921, when Charles "Chuck" Taylor, a high school basketball player on his way up in the sports world, joined the corporate team as a salesman. He redesigned the All Star, adding the now-famous ankle patch to the basketball shoe. In 1930 Converse stamped Chuck's name on the All Star patch, making it his signature model – although he is one of the only basketball players not to receive royalties for his endorsement!

While Converse shoes were originally popular among athletes, as other shoe companies began to grab their market share, they were seen less and less on the basketball court. However, Converse started to become a fashion statement among celebrities. James Dean was one of the first stars to be seen in a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. Over the years, numerous celebs have been spotted wearing them: Joey Ramone, Kurt Cobain, and Ben Affleck, just to name a few.

Converse's most popular-selling shoe hasn't stayed static over the years, either. The company has collaborated with high-end menswear designer John Varvatos and Comme des Garçons for new All Star offerings, sported superhero logos like Superman, gone purple with an ankle strap, added Velcro for the kids' Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, and much more. The All Star shoes have also varied in height, from the standard low top to the high top to the current X-Hi style.

There are literally hundreds of colours and styles of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoe to choose from. These lightweight-yet-sturdy shoes fit into every lifestyle, and All Stars have stood the test of time from decade to decade. But, they have also been updated and modernized enough to remain in the height of fashion, year after year.

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