Different Types Of Antique Engagement Rings

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Antique engagement rings are a very stylish alternative for couples in recent times, for their engagement rings. The styles and the craftsmanship associated with these antique rings are much better than many of the present day rings, in addition to this the history which comes with the rings can be quite fascinating, additionally they may well be less expensive compared with modern day rings.

As a rule of thumb,Guest Posting in order for rings to be regarded antique rings, they need to be a hundred years old. If it is less then that, then what they are really referred to as is vintage rings, these vintage rings are 25 to ninety nine years old. Rings under twenty five yaers old will be generally known as pre-loved.   There are actually 3 distinctive types of antique rings; they are the Victorian Age (1835-1900), Edwardian Age (1900-1920) along with the Art Deco Age (1920-1930). Every single design and style has its own distinctive style features for the three periods.   The Victorian Era rings were ordinarily produced from yellow or else rose colored gold. They had diamonds, but also could make use of different gemstones just like rubies, quartz, emeralds, pearls, topaz just to name a handful. In addition to that they love to use bright colored diamonds that had yellow, rose or just green coloration to them. The designs ranged from very simple to astonishingly sophisticated. The diamond gem stones from that era will also be what was referred to as the mine cut, which was an additional facet row cut at the bottom part of the gemstone. This has been carried out to facilitate the rings shimmer in candlelight. Quite a few deem the Victorian rings to be the most romantic of all engagement rings.   The Edwardian Period of time rings were the very first engagement rings to be created of platinum. It was the advancement of the oxyacetylene torch that made it easy to handle platinum. Many of these had rose cut diamonds or alternatively sapphires in them. The rings had scrollwork, filigree fine detail, mill graining, and lacy pierced shapes in them. They really are extremely sophisticated looking rings.   The Art Deco Time period rings have Indigenous American, Egyptian and Eastern influences in there designs. These particular style rings were created from platinum. Most of these rings had bright colored gems as well as diamonds in them. The rings at the end of the age went for a sleek geometric style with diamonds in them.   You should remember that the jewelers of this period scored their diamonds on a completely different scale then do modern-day people. At that time, the colors and contrast of the stones was important then clarity. Modern-day diamonds are mainly white in color, so that is why clarity is such an issue with modern day stones.   As much as to the best places to purchase these types of rings, there are lots of places to get them from. The better as well as least expensive route, is for it to be a household antique from either the bride or alternatively grooms family. There is not any guessing involved, and the previous record of the rings in known. Buying through a well known antique trader and or jeweler is your next most suitable option. Make certain that they provide you a completed warranty of return and that they have the heritage of the ring, the majority of reliable distributors will certainly have some sort of history for the rings. Private property sales are an alternate excellent place to purchase vintage rings, remember to make sure that you have a professional gemologist document the rings authenticity and also workmanship. Pawn stores can be another location, but be certain they are offering a money back guarantee, if you want to may get the ring evaluated. On line retailers are also a good option, just simply do your research and then take a look at the trader to make absolutely sure they really are professional. A typical internet search could well be Antique Rings UK as well as Antique Dress Rings UK   To sum up, antique engagement rings or else vintage engagement rings is a good idea for young couples; just check them out, so that you know what you are getting. It is possible to end up getting an extremely good deal on an engagement ring couldn't usually afford.

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