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jennifer john

jennifer john

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Car is not only a source of comfort but also expresses personality of the car owner. A clean car will obviously portrait caring for aesthetic look and hygiene of the driver. People try to do this job in many ways using different equipment such as soft cloth and sponge, car wax and polish, vacuum cleaner or car wash soap solution for regular wash.


Unfortunately,DIY PRESSURE CAR WASHING Articles these are insufficient ways to remove all dirt and mud from your car because of low pressure of regular water spray. Whereas high pressure washing service may contribute to removal of stains saving you the effort of clean without getting scratched due to scrubbing those stains with sponge. If you don’t get your car to professional store, purchase a pressure washer for complete wash and avoid investing your money on costly washing services. Buying a washer pressure is only a one time investment and will benefit you for a long period time without charging you anything than a little of your time. 

Tips for DIY pressure washing and its benefits:


Take a few minutes to adjust and practice your pressure washer if you’re using it for the first time. 

  • Keep the pressure washer on delicate setting to a safe level. 
  • You should wash car on hard surface.
  • To avoid damaging the paint, use a nozzle with wide spray pattern. 
  • Avoid spraying inside the engine.
  • While cleaning windows, lights and other fragile parts of the land, keep the nozzle away. 
  • You should have various nozzles to use the right spray for soaping, washing and rinsing. 
  • Avoid using the most pointed nozzle as it can damage easily damage the paint. 
  • Having wheels and long hose of pressure washer may help in moving around the car while washing. 



Remove and beat the dirt of all the mats and carpets of the car. And then remove dirt from entire interior using a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. Now lock the car and start pressure washing the exterior. 

  • Lightly Rinse: Rinse the car with plain water using the pressure washer. 
  • Spray Cleaning Material: Apply detergent to the car and let it on the car for 3-5 minutes. Remove dirt or grime with brush.
  • Rinse Again: Now, rinse off the detergent working from top to bottom with the help of green pressure washer nozzle. 

Most pressure washer used for residential pressure washing are acceptable to pressure wash a car but can cause damages and scratches if used incorrectly.


Pressure washing can be a perfect option for these several reasons:

  • It is a much quicker process than washing car by hand using different kind of soaps and sponge.
  • Some vehicles like work trucks don’t require a spotless clean. Pressure washing can considered as a best option to give them a quick wash. 
  • It can be difficult and time consuming to wash large vehicles by hand. Pressure cleaning can be easier and more effective to give a perfect wash to these large vehicles. 
  • High pressure car cleaning can be a best option to minimize scratches caused by hand washing. 
  • Tough filth can be removed easily with high pressure of water. 

DIY pressure washing can be cost effective if done properly with right equipment. So, it is very important to choose right pressure and nozzle for every different kind and part of your vehicle.