DTF Printing: Game-Changer for Your Business

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Direct to film is taking the industry by storm as it delivers a remarkable digital printing Perth service that provides the benefit to any person to print digital transfer to decorate light and dark t-shirts.

This is the innovative style of printing in the garment decoration industry. It gives a more modern alternative to the existing techniques of dtf printing,Guest Posting screen printing services or sublimation. Direct to film is taking the industry by storm as it delivers a remarkable digital printing Perth service that provides the benefit to any person to print digital transfer to decorate light and dark t-shirts on polyester, cotton, and all types of blends without costly equipment. Also called as direct transfer film, this technology can help you print on polyester, denim, silk, and cotton, among many other options. Thanks to the lots of different advancements in the DTF technology and printers, you are capable of printing any image you want on a range of garments. Thanks to heat pressing, the DTF transfers are efficient, quick, and you can get some amazing visuals whilst maintaining remarkable standard.

What Is Required to Get DTF Printing?

In order to use DTF printing method, it is necessary to have the elements and process that we explain below:

Printer for DTF

The key element of this digital printing Perth technique is the dtf printer or trick printer with a piezoelectric head and six channels.

In order to print an image on PET film, the direct to film printer needs that the formats for printing the designs be: png, psd, jpg, pdf, etc.

Inks for DTF

The dtf printer needs unique inks that are pretty flexible and elastic to stop the print form cracking when the fabric is stretched once printed.

So don’t forget to purchase the DTF inks that you will need to personalize your tee with the designs that you love the most.

Adhesive Powder or Polyamide

A polyamide or adhesive powder must be included in the PET or transfer film that works as a glue to fix the printed inks on the film or support and the cotton fibers.

This powder is accessible in white and black to be used according to the fabric color where the design will be printed.

Transfer Film

The paper for dtf is the support where the print is made; the result is printed on a non-absorbent substrate or PET film, where the ink remains wet on its surface for approximately five or ten minutes maximum.

Heat Press or Oven

The oven or heat press will serve to transfer and cure the printed design. Perfectly, a heat or iron press with a top plate that descends vertically is advised so that the warm plate is at the same height on the full surface.

Once the polyamide is crystallized, the film is located on the garment to make the print. This is ironed and the film is removed once it is chill, in this way the design will be stuck to the garment.

Tips for DTF Printing

·  Ensure that you invest in the best materials. You must have high standard DTF powder, DTF ink, DTF printers and anything in between for t-shirt printing.

·  Inks must be kept at room temperature, so storing your printer/ink in a garage will not do your DTF products any good. This is because chill weather can replace the temperature of the room and cause the ink to freeze. If it does it will upset the stability of the ink and finally block printheads.

·   You must ensure to let the film chill after pressing it before peeling.

How DTF Printing Technology Can Help Your Business


With digital printing Perth, you are using films to digitally print out shirt designs. This means very low margin for printing mistakes such as technical issues and discoloration. See, normally, pre-heat solutions generally used with DTG have discoloration risks for some bright-colored fabrics.

Saves time

Once you print the design, you have already covered it with the adhesive powder. It is ready for application. You just put it directly onto the apparel heat press it and then that is how the design moves on the fabric. Get the best press, and that is it. There is no pre-treating stage at all.


Businesses that entertain big orders of customized tee printers can get smart digital printers that can print out films quicker.


DTF printing is extremely versatile. You can print your transfers in advance and press them when needed. You can sell your transfers the way they are and simply ship them to your customers in regular letters who can then apply the transfers themselves. DTF transfers can be applied to lots of different items and surfaces that would otherwise be extremely awkward to print on.

End Words

While the full DTF printing technology provides scalable efficiencies and beneficial features, think about how big the demand is for customized shirt designs today as aforementioned.

Marketing opportunities do not just come as an attire line but also as a provider of the technology in the subject.

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