Exclusive mens sherwani designs for reception

Apr 7




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Get the latest inspiration for you wedding day attire. Because, we are showing you the top 6 mens sherwani for wedding function.


While arriving with the baraat,Exclusive mens sherwani designs for reception Articles the modern groom should make his way and make an impression on everyone in order to steal the show for the rest of the day. Let's take a look at the various considerations that should be made when looking for the perfect sherwani. 

The groom's sherwani design can either make or shatter your wedding day. There are numerous alternatives available, ranging from plains to prints to embossed designs to various types of embroidery. You must select the design and color only on the basis of your appearance and shape. 

Don't forget about the hundreds of pictures you'll be taking on your special day. So, your wedding outfit should be as royal as a king and mens sherwani is the one to make you stand out. Here, we have made a list of the top 6 Exclusive mens sherwani designs for Wedding or Reception. 

Top 6 Mens Sherwani for Groom 

We Indians love to show off our fashion sense at weddings. For our wedding, we need to look our best. The sherwani is a timeless staple that every groom wants to wear on his wedding day, and it should be something distinctive. So, if you're looking for wedding dresses, take a look at these ideas. 

Achkan sherwani and churidar 

Consider the achkan kurta, which resembles the sherwani but is very distinct! In fact, it looks strikingly similar to menswear worn in Mughal courts. The achkan, in reality, has its origins in Central Asia and is now one of the most popular kinds of ethnic clothing for Indian males. 

Essentially, an achkan is a knee-length jacket with buttons down the center or side. It has long sleeves and a left-side breast pocket. From the neckline, the buttons run all the way down to the bottom hem. Achkans are typically constructed of light fabrics, making them a popular, stylish, and sleek alternative for summer weddings. 

Double layered achkan mens sherwani design 

The magnificent double-layered sherwani is a perfect blend of attractive design and macho fervor. This is possibly every man's fantasy suit. The layered sherwani is the ideal option when it comes to trendsetting fashion, as it is balanced with a touch of modernity.  

These sherwanis are a package of practically everything, from contrasting tones, hues, and colors to spectacular embellished designs. It doesn't stop there; in order to meet your needs, they've also created stone beads, diamonds, royal-styled buttons, and cuffs that will perfectly complement your look. 

Classic Angrakha sherwani for groom 

The angrakha sherwani added to men's wardrobes is incredibly refreshing! From gaining a place as an outfit to today being designated as a form of style, the variety and creativity that this single gem has contributed to men's wardrobes is wonderfully refreshing! Men today have more options than ever before to flaunt their flare and flamboyance by wearing angrakha achkans.  

Needless to say, any soon-to-be grooms who try to make the most of the fairly restricted clothing style alternatives accessible to them cannot escape the allure of the Angrakhas. We've compiled a list of seven such wonders to assist you in nailing your big day's style. Now is the time to get started and begin cracking! 

Asymmetric indo western mens sherwani 

The asymmetric sherwani is a versatile and one-of-a-kind design. It is appropriate for all wedding functions. When you put this sherwani on, you'll be ready to look dapper. contemporary asymmetric sherwani is gem for formal nuptials. It's modest, with simple embroidery on the sleeves and a plain hue that's finished off with a churidar at the bottom for a royal look. 

Many designers made numerous innovations for groom’s sherwani and asymmetric sherwani is one of them. Also, men can get the super chic look in the side placket design. If you want to look more stylish, then opt for an uneven hemline sherwani. Furthermore, cowl style sherwani is having demand these days. 

Mens sherwani with stole in demand 

Groom styling has significantly increased throughout the years, thanks to the introduction of longer silhouettes. A "beautiful and elegant stole or dupatta" is also an accent that complements a groom's dress in multiple ways.  

A stole or dupatta not only complements a groom's clothing but also completes his overall style. A gorgeously draped stole adds a touch of class to the groom's attire, making him shine like true royalty! Types of stoles can amp the overall look. At the winter wedding, you can try velvet or pashmina stole with your sherwani. Whereas, go with the printed stoles, lucknowi, or georgette stoles for the rest of the seasons 

Jacket style sherwani for wedding 

The most traditional sherwani on the market is the angrakha sherwani. It emphasizes the torso and is popular among physically fit grooms because it draws attention to their well-built physique. It's usually wrapped with a knot from the left shoulder to the opposite side of the waist.  

This sherwani is more comfortable for males who feel stifled in a typical sherwani because it doesn't have any buttons down the length. The angrakha sherwani is richly adorned with stones, beads, sequences, and motifs, and is inspired by the Mughal monarchs' attire. This sort of sherwani is typically seen in tones of red or maroon, but if you don't want to wear red, you may always request a bespoke color. 

So don't waste any more time and start looking for a stylish wedding sherwani for the groom to wow everyone. 

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