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Nov 19


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Rummy is a social game. The article below talks about how Rummy can be learnt and how it can be played in different ways. It also talks about some famous Rummy gaming websites that offer amazing options to its users. It clears all the doubts of the readers about Rummy and its legality in India.




Have you ever played rummy before? If yes,Get your game on with Rummy Articles then you already know how interesting and amazing this game is. If you have never played rummy earlier, you’re going to have to understand how the game works. Within no time you will become an expert in rummy. It’s all about getting your sequences and sets right. This 13 card game is very easy to learn and needs a bit of smart play to win. 


All card games are fun to play with your friends and family. But Rummy is a game that is loved by everyone. This game is available online on various websites like Rummycircle, Rummy culture, and Rummy Jacks. The main objective of this game is to arrange the cards into proper sequences and sets. You have to be quick and smart in the arrangement of your cards.


Rummy is extremely popular in India, it also has another variation called Indian Rummy. There will be some slight differences in rules of both the games. Indian rummy is also known as Paplu. 

The popularity of this game increased and it was taken to online gaming platforms. With online games, people can socialize more and play with rummy lovers all over the world not just in India. 


Did you know that you can earn money while playing rummy? Yes you heard that right! Rummy is not just for entertainment but you can also earn real cash by winning the game online. Rummycircle, Rummy culture and Rummy Jacks are some of the top websites and apps for playing Online Rummy. These apps are also known for their safe and quick withdrawals.


You can not only learn Rummy at these websites but also learn how to trick your opponent while playing the game. Tips and tricks are a must to read on their websites. They also offer various options like cash limit, Self-deactivation, to help the player or user in overcoming their addictions and by reminding them of the cash that they spent on that day. This way there is no problem of spending money in the wrong way.


For all of you who wonder if it is safe to play these online games. It’s 100% legal in India as the Supreme Court declared it to be legal in 2015. It was declared that it is a game of skill and it is also often misunderstood to be a form of gambling. So go on without any fear and earn some extra pocket money while enjoying your favourite game online. Download and play Rummy now!

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