How to choose your boat mattress

Oct 28


Maria A Williams

Maria A Williams

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Most times, when I am about to go on a boat voyage, I feel tempted to pull off my mattress from home into the boats. Why? Most of the beddings' boat-makers' install in boats are just very uncomfortable to sleep on, most especially in turbulent conditions.


Although boat builders are improving on the beddings they install in boats; most boat beddings still give about the same comfort as a mere foam placed over a wooden material base. In effect,How to choose your boat mattress Articles these beddings are only useful for short term boat cruise/voyage.

With your boat constantly bobbing over the surface of the water, it will be challenging to get a good rest on a bad mattress, and this is a big reason why most people do not like prolong expeditions on boats.

The best way to end a nice day of boat cruise is a good night's sleep at your cabin, and to get a proper rest at all, you need good mattress/beddings.

Choosing the perfect mattress for your boat

You ought to feel very comfortable in your boats; why have things and feel pains? Most of you likely got some custom specs with your boats, and a custom mattress along with them won't be a bad idea. When choosing a boat for your mattress, there are few factors you have to consider.

The material of the mattress

The fabric material of a mattress is essential; It determines if the mattress will be hard or soft, absorbent or breathable, thick layers or thin layers, and other qualities.

The common materials that you can use for your boat mattress are Airbed, Innerspring, Latex, Foam, Open Coil, and Polyurethane. Cotton material is the most popular choice of mattress in boats because of its endearing properties.

Cotton is a breathable mattress; it allows good air circulation, which helps it to expel foul odours from sweat and moisture, and affordable.

Linen beddings are a strong complement to cotton mattresses; they practical to use and cozy. Its good thermo-properties will help you stay warm at night.

Eco-friendly materials are also becoming a popular choice among yacht owners, as they are softer and are hypoallergenic.

How firm do you like your mattress?

The firmness of your mattress determines how soft or hard your mattress feels to the body. While some sleepers (side sleepers) prefer soft beds, others (back/stomach sleepers) prefer firmer beds, but it purely depends on personal preferences.

Recall that almost everything on a boat is made of hard metals, and your boat will continue to sway on the ocean with the waves; therefore a soft or medium texture mattress will be best to cater to these effects and provide you with comfort.

The cost of the mattress

A custom mattress costs more than a standard mattress; finer features lead to higher costs. However, a boat mattress is a long-term investment on your boat, which means you need to decide carefully.

Other factors that affect the cost of the mattress are the Brand of the mattress, place of production, the process used in construction.

Aesthetics of the mattress

The looks of your mattress should not be alien to the interior décor of your boat; you should pick simple mattress designs that match your boat's interior decor.

Finally, choose proper bed coverings for the mattress to make your bed look cozy and inviting.