How to Clean Crystal Chandelier - a 100% Fool-Proof Guide for Beginners

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You might be wondering how you can go about cleaning crystal chandeliers, you can read this article to clear all your doubts.

Chandeliers are either made of glass or crystal and you can expect them to sparkle when they are clean. They need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year,Guest Posting or when dust gathers on them. However, as a beginner, you might be wondering how you can go about cleaning crystal chandeliers.

Plan Before You Clean

Most crystal chandeliers have complex patterns and it’s of essence that you take note of how your design goes before you commence cleaning. It’s always advisable if you get to know where the parts fit before you start cleaning. Another best approach to take when cleaning chandeliers is to do small pieces because you will find them to be manageable.

Supplies that you will require

You will need basic supplies to clean the chandelier. You will need some clean water and some ammonia. A step ladder, pads, and some drop cloths that go underneath.  You may also need some padding as this will help reduce the possibility of the crystal prism breaking in case you drop something. This also shields your tabletops and furniture. Crystal chandeliers are also known to pick fingerprints, so you will need to wear gloves.

Mix the water and some ammonia and spray it to cover all sections of the chandelier before you start wiping it. Do this carefully and within a short time, you will have your chandeliers clean.

Ensure your safety-turn off the power

You have to be extremely cautious about an electric appliance, so it's common sense that you will switch off the power before you start cleaning your chandelier. Switch off the power at the wall switch. Make sure that the wall switch can never be turned on inadvertently while you are cleaning, and to be very safe, turn off power at the breaker box.

What to do for thorough cleaning

If you want to clean your crystal chandeliers thoroughly you should take out every crystal. This way, you can reach every part of the frame. However, the process can be faster if you don’t want to do a thorough cleaning.

What you must keep in mind

No matter the approach that you take while cleaning your chandeliers, you shouldn’t rotate a crystal chandelier. Instead, you should walk around it, or move your ladder around the chandelier, and clean it in small bits or sections. If you rotate the chandelier you will be loosening its support and this may cause it to fall, and get damaged.

If your chandelier is installed in a place that cannot be reached easily, you should change the bulbs when cleaning. And after completing the thorough cleaning, you should make sure that the chandeliers are lighting properly before you cart away your ladder.


As a beginner, you may find cleaning your chandelier to be intimidating, but that shouldn’t be the case. With the basic supplies above and with inner determination, you can be able to get your crystal chandeliers to their sparkling clean condition.


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