How to Personalize Your Look with Vintage?

Apr 8


Aashni Sharma

Aashni Sharma

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There are numerous misconceptions about vintage or retro style. Many people believe they are incapable of pulling it off. Others are fearful of appearing out of place or attracting undue attention to themselves. And still, others are dissatisfied with their overall appearance because they feel too much like they're dressed up or in costume.


We all have those days when things don't quite come together as planned, How to Personalize Your Look with Vintage? Articles but here are some simple tips from me on avoiding appearing costumey when wearing vintage or vintage-inspired clothing. If you prefer to appear costumey, that is also acceptable! Dress in a way that feels good to YOU! I make no judgments based on what someone wears. The wonderful thing about living NOW is choosing our favorite styles and fashions! Which of your past outfits were your favorites? If your previous style sense had a certain "feel" about it, you could find a retro fashion comparable. You're a tomboy, aren't you? Are you a feminine lady? Are you an avant-garde artist? Sufficiently rational and practical? A lady with a career? Regardless of your lifestyle, there is almost certainly a vintage comparable for you. Girls in the 1920s did not want all wear fringe; girls in the 1930s did not all wear bias-cut gowns, and girls in the 1950s did not all wear poodle skirts. Therefore, browse online (I recommend Pinterest) and save any looks that immediately strike you as something you would wear in real life to your pinboard. There is no such thing as a "correct" or "incorrect" way to dress in an era because each decade included an array of distinct styles. Indeed, vintage periodicals, like contemporary fashion magazines, recommended dressing according to "type."

How does vintage appear?
Vintage appearance image result. Items manufactured between 20 and 100 years ago are often termed "vintage" if they reflect the era's styles and patterns. Antiques are defined as items that are at least 100 years old.

How do you feel when you're dressed in your ensemble? Do you feel like yourself or as though you're impersonating someone else? Are you self-conscious or self-assured? Our garments can perform incredible things for us. However, they have the potential to make us feel out of sorts. For instance, I am unable to wear high heels without tripping. If you're more concerned with a single item of clothes than with what you're doing or with your company, it may be time to reconsider that choice. Sometimes it's as simple as adding insoles or heel grips to a shoe, pinning a hat in place, or finding a lipstick that doesn't smear all over your face when you eat (and how do we always get it on our chin or our teeth? Perhaps it is just me). It may take some time to discover what works best for you which is acceptable. Even if everyone else like a particular creator or style, it's pretty good if you decide it's not for you.

Some quick aesthetics that would look minimalist yet chic on you which are vintage-worthy outfits are what I am going to share now. Firstly, the bandana look. It's old-fashioned, only women from the late 60s used to wear that are what people are gonna say. But have you ever worn one? Did you try? Pair it like this. A semi knee-length kurta (cotton most preferably), with hoops and a bandana. Girl, you would rock on. Just like that. With that, wear a streak-length long eyeliner that screams loudness and beauty on your face. With that, if you think you're comfortable with a saree, ditch the dress and put on a silk saree. I am sure you’d look gorgeous.

Adding Vintage to your outfits, day, on any occasion, given the stance truly proves that you’re a person that loves to treasure sophisticated and good values. It is always important you remember what culture you hail from and how lovely you can make it look by adding a touch of vintage at all times. Vintage screams you, personalizes your look and focuses only on YOU. However, do remember that vintage at times retards old fashion and people think following old cinematic attires is going to help them gain a vintage look. No, it’s different. A vintage look is completely different from retro and chic looks.

Here’re a few more tips on how to focus and personalize your ootds based on a vintage theme.

Mix and Match: From a styling standpoint, it's fun to mix and match vintage pieces with your modern wardrobe to add interest. It's also much easier to use vintage to experiment with styles you're unsure about, as it requires far less commitment. If you don't like it, you can sell it or donate it!

Concentrate on textiles: When I'm perusing the racks of a vintage shop or thrift store, I'm constantly on the lookout for textiles. I'm particularly fond of natural fibers such as linen, raw silk, and wool, so I begin with those details. Given the abundance of affordable, fast fashion on the racks of thrift stores, a natural textile stands out in a sea of polyester.

Consider past trends: Because we're discussing vintage, the fun part is that the past inspires so many current trends; therefore, you can find something 'trendy' from decades ago that will end up being even more interesting and unique than something brand new!

Old fashioned: The nice thing about many vintage textiles is that they're almost certainly of decent quality if they've survived this long. And if it is used, it has most likely been washed and worn and still retains its original shape and feel.

Well, this is my take on how to personalize your attire based on a vintage look. Hope these suggestions untangled your thoughts and helped you set straight outfit goals for the coming week. Good Luck

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