How to Remove Fish Odour from Your Wooden Chopping-board

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How often do you eat fish? If you do it one to three times a week,Guest Posting I must say that you live a healthy life. But how do you remove the fish smell from your wooden chopping-board when you cut the fish in pieces? You've probably noticed that it is not enough only to wash the board with water and dish-washing soap. What do you do then?

The fish smell is one of the most stubborn smells known. When you cut fish on a wooden chopping-board the board absorbs its smell and it is very hard to remove it. That is why most cooks use plastic chopping-boards, nowadays, and have a different board for the different products they cut.

If you have a wooden cutting board, though, you'll need to know how to remove the fish smell from it. So, here are a few techniques from a professional deep cleaning services provider:

When you finish cutting the fish, clean the chopping-board well. It will be best if you wash it with warm water and dish-washing detergent. Cut a lemon in halves and squeeze some of its juice on the board. Rub it with your fingers or with a clean cloth. The citrus aroma of the lemon is stronger than the fish odour and will replace it.

The second technique that deep cleaning services providers recommend is almost like the first one. Wash the chopping-board again but instead of lemon juice pour some white vinegar on it and rub with your fingers or with a cloth again. The sour liquid will deodorise your board. You might not like this method so much because not everyone likes the smell of vinegar. For some people it is even more unpleasant than the fish smell.

The last technique for removing fish smell from a wooden chopping-board is also with an everyday product. I learned it from a professional cleaner London, too. Take a rope of parsley and put it on the cutting board. Of course, you have to wash the board first, just as with the first two methods. Press the parsley with something to loosen its natural juices and start rubbing the chopping-board with it. The board might become green but don't worry, you can wash the colour afterwards.

With these easy methods you can remove fish smell from your wooden chopping-board. If you don't want to deal with this issue, though, then get yourself a plastic cutting board.

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