Increase Lifespan of Leather Jacket with Proper Care

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Leather jacket is regarded must have for fashion aficionados. No doubt it is expensive but at the same time classic too. Another thing which is of prime importance is their care.

Leather jacket is one of the most attention-grabbing outfits,Guest Posting that’s why considered finest addition to wardrobe. Closet look and feel enhances a lot with their add-on. Spending on leather jacket is most fruitful investment that bears fruits of style, chicness and smartness, which is must for appearance. Also they last for years and are very durable. Leather jackets need great care for maintaining and looking new for years. It is not a very tough task but should be done on regular basis.

Follow below written pointers for the same;

1) Leather jackets if not taken proper care appears cracks, bad odor, dryness, damage, sloppiness etc. on them. Do not worry; they are easy to take care of. Process of leather jacket care starts from the first day you purchase it.

2) At the time of purchasing leather jacket, buy conditioner also for it and apply as soon you reach home. It keeps its surface moist and refrain it from damage of any kind.

3) Liquids are big enemy of leather jackets and damage them as come in contact. Thus keep them away from liquids. Also apply waterproof solution so if by mistake also water spills over them they do not get damaged. Be very careful in applying it and don’t overdo. Too much conditioner prevents air circulation which in turn spoils them.

4) Always hang on padded hangers, if wet. They are good for retaining their shape. Do not use wire or plastic hangers as they distort their shape.

5) For drying wipe them with soft dry white cloth.

6) Always keep leather jackets at room temperature. Extremes in temperature damage them.

7) Always leave leather jacket for air drying. Never dry them with hair dryer, in sunlight or by any other source of heat. These methods dry jackets and later appears cracks on them.

8) Never fold leather jackets. Folding appears cracks, creases and lines over them. When keeping them in box sit them straight.

9) Never let leather jacket dry as it causes cracks on them. For that keep applying moisture over them.

10) Leather is a natural fabric thus breathes. If covered leather item with plastic then air does not pass through them and results in leather piece damage. That’s why it is highly recommended to cover leather jackets with cotton cloth because it is also natural and let air pass through it.

11) Before using any conditioner or any other product over leather jacket makes sure it does not stop air circulation.

12) Do not apply perfume over leather jackets. Smell of perfume remains in leather jackets and is hard to remove, thus later elicits bad aroma.

13) Never wash leather jacket with direct water. Procedure of washing is like this, take lukewarm water in bowl (too hot and too cold water is not appropriate for leather jackets) and make a froth of mild soap. Then dip sponge or clean white cloth in it and gently rub leather jacket.

Follow the above methods and give life to your leather jacket of years and years.  

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