A Basic Guide to Palladium Silver Men’s Rings

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Engagement and wedding rings are no longer a simple one or the other metal option anymore. There’s white gold, titanium, tungsten, Palladium Silver Men's Rings, and more. However, some metal options like palladium, while known for their affordability, strength, and superior quality, are still relatively new.

Therefore,Guest Posting not a lot is known by the majority of consumers. To help you learn more about this fantastic metal, here is a simple guide to the basics of palladium:

What Is Palladium?
A chemical element, palladium (or Pd on the periodic table) is one of the six metals (along with iridium, osmium, platinum, rhodium, and ruthenium) that make up the group of platinum metals. It is a rare precious metal, categorized as a transitional metal on the periodic table of elements. Palladium is desired most for its brilliant, silver-white coloring and for the fact that it is comparatively affordable without sacrificing in appearance.

What Are the Perks of Palladium?
Unlike choices such as white gold, palladium has a naturally bright white coloring that does not fade over time. Therefore, it will not require any re-plating for the clear color to last. Other benefits of palladium include:

• It’s hypoallergenic.
• Palladium has both the durability and look of platinum without the hefty price tag. In most situations, palladium silver men’s rings will cost around ? less than a similar ring in platinum.
• It weighs around the same as gold.
• Since it keeps well over time, it already offers a form of symbolism for wedding rings: “Like great love, it is strong and will never tarnish over the years.”
• It can withstand extreme heat, as well as exposure to some chemicals.
• Palladium requires very little maintenance. In fact, as long as you clean your ring and do an occasional buffing, it will maintain its bright white shine and coloring.

What Are the Disadvantages to Palladium?
One of the most significant disadvantages to palladium is that it is hard to find. Due to its rarity, many jewelers are inexperienced with working with this metal, so it does not have as many design options available as other metal types at big box jewelers. Other disadvantages to palladium include:

• Compared to platinum, it has more of a lightweight feel.
• It is hard to predict whether or not palladium will retain its value over time, as it is still new to the jewelry market.
• Resizing and most repairs are not available at generalist jewelers.
• Repairs are more costly and less likely to be successful.
• Like all newly mined metals, mining is environmentally unfriendly.

Why Should I Choose Palladium Over Platinum?
Platinum and palladium both offer a number of the same qualities. They are both naturally white precious metals, part of the platinum metals family, hypoallergenic, and durable. However, the most significant differences between these two metal types are density and price. Platinum not only costs several times more than a palladium ring of the same style but it is also much denser. Therefore, while platinum offers a somewhat weightier ring option, palladium is rather light and feels more similar to the weight of gold. Another difference between these two metals is their hardness. While platinum is a softer metal option that can bend and scratch easily, palladium, on the other hand, is over ten times harder. Therefore, it will retain its finish longer and is very difficult to scratch.

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