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The quality of pearls is judged by the orient, which is the soft iridescence caused by the refraction of light by the layers of nacre, and luster, the reflectivity and shine of the surface. Fine pearls do not have any flaws or spots in the nacre: it has an even, smooth texture. Other factors which affect value are the regularity of the shape, size, and color: rose tints are the most favored.

The translucent beauty and the striking appearance lead pearl amongst one of the top jewelry in the world. Undoubtedly,Guest Posting pearl serves to be the most sophisticated and ultimate jewelry for wearers. Because of its so called great beauty and pleasing look, people get prone to add pearl in their jewelry box. Pearl as jewelry has been for years, one of the most treasured and coveted personal items a person can have. The progressive escalating in fame of pearl is being run from ancient times, where pearls were also stitched onto lavish clothing. Although, the use of pearl is not limited to jewelry only as they can be crushed and used in cosmetics, medicines, or in paint formulations. As pearls are found in very rare case so the discovery of cultured pearl took place in order to meet people’s demand and an alternative in the field of jewelry.

If you’re thinking that cultured pearl is a fake pearl then you’re highly mistaken because it’s a real pearl but not a natural pearl. As natural pearl are found in very rare case so need to cope up with the demand of pearl in jewelry market, looking o its great future prospective, the discovery of cultured pearl took place. As the pearl has won the hearts of people of all over the world so gradually, variable options were opened for a buyer to purchase pearl jewelry. Mainly there are two types of pearls namely Natural pearl & Cultured pearl. Cultured pearl can further be divided into two categories saltwater pearl & freshwater pearl. There is no links of chain in the freshwater pearl while saltwater pearl can be divided into two types Akoya Pearl & South Sea Pearl. Well, think a brief idea will clear out the picture in your mind about pearls.

  1. Natural Pearl
  2. Cultured Pearl: a) Saltwater Pearl – (i) Akoya Pearl  (ii) South Sea Pearl

                            b) Freshwater Pearl

(i) Akoya Pearl – a) Chinese Akoya Pearl

                         b) Japanese Akoya Pearl

(ii) South Sea Pearl – a) White South Sea Pearl

                                b) Golden South Sea Pearl

                                C) Black South Sea Pearl / Tahitian Pearl

Above mentioned is a tree of Pearl which will end up your query to some extent and can help you buying in pearl jewelry. As per the features of each type of pearl and its importance, the price of Pearl is concluded. Natural pearls are much more expensive than cultured pearls. Whole pearls are more valued than blister or mabe pearls. The outstanding beauty, great luster, shape, and size are some few important points that need to be taken care of while buying pearl.

While freaking out in the market for pearls you’ll also come across imitation pearl, fake pearl or synthetic pearl which have also played contributory role in spreading pearl’s popularity. A person who cannot afford to buy real pearl jewelry can opt to purchase synthetic pearl which now-a-days has become the trendy style especially for youngsters to wear on daily basis and also which suits on all types of attires. By conducting some test, difference can be known between fake pearl & natural pearl.

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