Is Acacia Wood Flooring Good For Basement?

Nov 2


miki barzig

miki barzig

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There are many different types of options on the market today for basement flooring specifically, the most widely used finishes are polyurethane or UV cured oils products.


What is good for basement flooring?’ is a question which is always asked by almost every client. Since we are talking particularly about Acacia Wood Flooring,Is Acacia Wood Flooring Good For Basement? Articles so let’s understand the concept and find the answer for “Is Acacia flooring good for basement?” together.

These days nearly every home has a basement and it is very necessary to keep a basement because for using a space to store or do functional activities. Where you're installing the wood will limit your recommended options as well. A space beneath ground level is what’s known as below grade. A floor that’s even with the outside ground level is on grade, and any floors above this are above grade.

This flooring of the basement is crucial because surely you do not want to re-model the flooring again and again. So it is ideal to find informative details about basement. A basement is below grade as it is below ground level. A below grade room is susceptible to water damage and humid conditions, which does affect certain flooring materials more so than others. The best flooring for basements is tile, LVT and engineered wood.

Acacia Wood Flooring is an engineered hardwood which is designed to be installed over concrete. It is composed of three or more wood layers which are stacked in a cross-grain configuration and bonded together under heat and pressure. As it is less likely to cup, split, shrink or warp, this is apt for installation in basement. Popularity of engineered wood types is increasingly growing because of its versatility. Engineered hardwood planks can be nailed down, glued down or simply snapped and floated over a foam-rubber underlayment.

If you can understand the concept of choosing the flooring option in order to conquer durability goals, the end result will be a floor you can live on for many years to come.  Now let’s take a look into how these factors can help contribute to the long term conditioning. Although hardness is great for limiting dents, the finish may be the most important factor when determining the durability of a floor. Engineered hardwood planks can be installed directly over any type of pre-existing flooring as long as the surface is hard, flat and stable.

Durability is the most crucial factor to take the decision for basement flooring. Longevity is the only root cause to search for the information regarding the basement at the first place. Choosing the perfect floor for basement is directly proportional to the longevity of the product apart of having various restrictions in the areas and place.  The durability of Acacia Wood Flooring being a hardwood floor is the main point for the buyers to focus on.  Although hardness does contribute to the overall durability but there are ample factors to consider which is: sheen, color and finish.

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