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Dec 3




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Vanan Captioning can be vouched for providing exceptional captioning solutions and we have earned the credibility of our clients for offering broad language options, confidentiality, ISO standard, multiple file formats and quality through our services. We are mainly known to give on-time delivery and cost effective rates.


You might have heard about the Italian subtitling services but do you know what it all includes within it? Click here to learn more.

What Italian Subtitling Services Includes?
Subtitling services are offered to each and every kind of video content. It adds text to various types of videos. The text is actually added in form of subtitles that contain the textual form of all the vocal content present in the video.

This is super important to let your video content be available as subtitles along with the video to make it reach to the population which is either deaf or hard of hearing. It is also extremely important for reaching people when they play videos on mute. A creator can also translate the subtitles to target an international audience.

Italian video subtitling services are also highly in demand due to the huge amount of content being created in the Italian language. It is one of the most used languages on the internet and therefore,Italian Subtitling Services | Vanan Captioning Articles there is a good quantity of videos that are present in Italian.

Out of the multiple industries that dominate Italy and hugely produce videos for various reasons, tourism, chemicals, motor vehicles are the major ones. Other common industries hiring Italian subtitling services are machinery, electric power, footwear, steel, iron, clothing, textiles, ceramics, food processing, cruise ship, and more.

Before hiring any Italian to English subtitling services, you need to check for a few pointers. If an agency is offering these services then they can be your perfect partner for Italian subtitling services forever. These include:

Competitive Price – Agency offering affordable rates with budget options is the best service to hire. As there are domains that contain a huge number of videos and demand subtitling services on a large scale, budget-friendly options are always beneficial.

Urgent Services – Subtitling services providing rush and super rush services by keeping the urgency of the project in mind, is the second most important thing to check before hiring any Italian subtitling services.

Numerous Formats – A brand supporting a various number of file formats is the next thing to check for.

Italian Professionals – Company with certified and Italian native professionals are always recommended when it comes to quality subtitling services. It automatically increases the accuracy as well and guarantees complete translation without any errors.

The Italian subtitling services cover each spoken word in the video and convert it into the text to be added to the video. It is not a simple process rather than a really complex procedure. Writing subtitles, with accuracy is not a joke and only professionals with years of experience are hired to perform the job. There are a few more things that are included under these services and these are:

Speaker Identification – It is one of the most complex steps of the entire procedure of Italian subtitling services. The reason for the same is because in many videos either the speaker is not visible or there are overlapping speakers.

Italian Formatting – The formatting is a difficult step to fulfill. Especially in the case of English to Italian subtitling services because the Italian translation of the content in the English language will form a longer sentence and then only good formatting skills can help in displaying all the characters correctly and completely.

Caption Encoding – The Italian subtitles need to be encoded for many Italian viewing platforms.