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Rearview Mirror systems makes up your fleet or personal vehicle less prone to accidents.

While you are driving a car,Guest Posting truck or any vehicle, it is very important to take care of safety measures. It is your duty to think about you and your co-passengers’ safety even before you start the trip. Isn’t it time to eliminate backup blind spots and improve visibility dramatically using rear view camera systems?

OE mirror monitor looks very clear unlike some other smart mirrors that I have tried that have a weird blue tint to the glass that made it hard to see. This one has no issues and looks clear. It is amazing to look at the efficiency it produces and how it can manage the images to full, half left, half right with rear view mirror/phone image and rear camera as you would always want. The screen is very bright, thus, it becomes easy to see for the driver.

The Wifi connection available with the mirror provides no delays between iPhone and mirror. You need to modify the installer slightly for perfect fit, mirror monitor gives you a 192 degree view with distortion correction dual view.

Safety With Rearview Camera

When you see a rearview mirror with a backup camera for commercial vehicles, it is used to have you covered with all the safety angles. Install a rearview mirror backup camera that delivers an unobstructed view behind vision from the vehicle even when it’s dark outside. Else you can also replace a standard rearview mirror with one that displays an LCD monitor, as soon as the vehicle is shifted into reverse.

This kit of Rear view mirror includes a nightvision-capable rear view camera and clip-on rear view mirror for your vehicle. The camera installs easily and outputs crystal clear video over an RCA jack. This is small and durable unit that will keep you safe and secure while going around. The mirror also has multiple video inputs so you can hook up a portable DVD player or iPod. 

The monitor detects when you back up and it shows the camera on screen. The monitor clips to rear view mirror real easily. When you put your car back in drive, the image disappears, simply your mirror becomes a mirror again. Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited, it is great for a person who loves to take precautions.

Video and Automotive Event Recorder

OE mirror monitor is optional with two camera system, it helps in taking safety to the next level with a new second camera option. The second interior or exterior camera can be installed anywhere on the inside or outside of the bus for enhanced visibility and safety. The mirror confirms safe reverse operations with simple replacement of the standard OEM interior mirror.

Our design process generates products that are highly effective in commercial driving situations. MOR-Vision helps to confirm safe reverse operations with simple replacement of the standard OEM interior mirror. These cool devices are sturdy, weatherproof rear view camera and monitor kits featuring night vision.

Features Integrated Backup Safety System

Monitor Kits utilize an interior rearview mirror to display a 4.3″ or 7″ size images when the vehicle is in the reverse operation. Once the vehicle is shifted out of reverse, a normal full view mirror appears. The driver can have a clear view with OE mirror monitor of what is behind the vehicle while the reverse operation in on without an extra monitor to obstruct the forward view. With up to two camera inputs, drivers have the advantage of multiple views of the vehicle.

The video technology of the system is a great solution to help equip your fleet with a Backup Camera System to fit your needs. Ideal for trucks, vans, and school buses, these camera mirror vision now makes it affordable for drivers to have an added dimension of safety. Also, does it provide added convenience and safety guides with simple replacement of OEM Mirror.

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