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Perfume is always changing and so are our tastes toward them. It is important to keep up to date with what is new and hot.

Wearing perfume can be a way to finish off your look,Guest Posting or to make yourself feel better. Perfume can make you feel good and can boost your self esteem. A pleasant smell can lift spirits and add to your overall fashion statement. With so many perfumes and cologne to choose from it can be hard to decide on a particular scent. There are a few popular scents available to men and women that are selling great because they smell amazing.

When you purchase a perfume you want it to smell nice to not only yourself, but also to the people around you. Perfume should contain a certain mixture of fragrance and smells that are popular to a majority of noses. Finding perfumes and colognes that are selling well and being worn by many others is a sure way to know that you are buying something that is pleasing to one of the five senses.

The first scent to mention is by Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein has a strong background in jean wear and added to their business by developing and marketing perfume and cologne. Calvin Cologne for men is a great scent for men. TI has a sharp and spicy fragrance that also contains lavender and amber. It is truly a masculine scent with forest notes of oak moss, wood and citrus. This cologne is perfect for casual and daytime wear.

CK Be Perfume by Calvin Klein is a popular one for women. It is a refreshing scent of oriental woods, and a blend of musk, mandarin, magnolia, peach and sandalwood. This perfume is ideal for daytime use.

Dolche and Gabbana make cologne for men called; By Cologne. It features a masculine scent that has a blend of spicy top notes, lavender, patchouli woods, amber, and leathers. It is casual wear cologne.

Feminine Perfume by Dolche and Gabbana is a popular scent for women. It has a luxurious and gentle scent that contains floral top notes, and notes of water lily, tangerine, and white cyclamen, middle notes of lily, heliotrope, low notes of sandalwood and vanilla. This scent is meant for romantic and sexy moments.

Escada Acte 2 Perfume for women is a refreshing perfume. It has a gentle and floral scent with a blend of rose, tangerine, amber and powder floral. It also contains water notes of the cool sea and pure ocean air. This perfume is great for daytime wear.

For men Escada makes cologne called Casual Friday Cologne. It has a fragrant smell that contains spicy woods, patchouli, liquorice, vanilla, lemon and cloves. This cologne is also meant for daytime use.

Perfumes and colognes are something that most people by plenty of during the year. Your nose will get used to a scent to a point where you might not even notice that it is on anymore. Not only will your nose get used to the smell, but you will also get bored with wearing the same scent all of the time. And the people around you will come to know you as the person who has that smell. It is ideal for someone to have a few daytime scents and a few night time scents to pick from.

You might also have a particular scent picked out for certain things, for example you might have a lucky perfume for going on dates or you might have a girl`s night out perfume that makes you feel girly. For guys you might have cologne that you wear with friends and one that you keep for the ladies.

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