Mandola Vihar Yojna in Ghaziabad by UPAVP

Jul 20


Yog Choudhary

Yog Choudhary

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Mandola Vihar Yojna: UPAVP has launched a new housing scheme for all segment of the society with 3680 flats of all segments of the society. Registratio of the scheme will be started on 20 July 2015 and last date of registration is 20 August 2015. Applicant can apply through both online and offline modes for the scheme.


Mandola Vihar Yojna Ghaziabad: Uttar Pradesh Awas Vikas parishad is again come up with a new housing scheme for all segments & the scheme is named as Madola Vihar Yojna. The scheme is launched in Ghaziabad with 3680 flats for EWS,Mandola Vihar Yojna in Ghaziabad by UPAVP Articles LIG, MIG & HIG categories of the society under the Samajwadi Awas Yojna “Samajwadi Awas Yojna was launched by Uttar Pradesh government to provide houses for all & under this mission the UP government will construct 3 lakh houses”.

Mandola Vihar Yojna Ghaziabad is an initiative part of Samajwadi Awas Yojna. The authority has offering 1BHK & 2BHK flats in Gulmohar Enclave & flats are available in stilt+4 type building. Out of total 3680 flats, 2464 flats are 2BHK type while remaining 1214 flats are 1BHK type.

Flat Description: 1BHK flats are available in the super area of 34.07 square meter while 2BHK flat has 56.11 square meter super area.

Cost of Flat:

1BHK flats are available at the estimated cost of Rs. 11 lakh and the estimated cost of 2BHK flat is Rs. 18.10 lakh.

Registration amount for flats is 2% of estimated cost; for 1BHK registration amount is Rs. 20,000/- while for 2BHK the registration amount is Rs. 37,000/-.


The authority offering both online & offline mode of registration and applicants can apply for flats through both online and offline registrations. For online registration can be done by using the official website of UPAVP and State Bank of India Jawahar Bhawan Lucknow branch also offering a facility of online registrations.

For offline registrations, application forms can be purchased from the following bank branched of OBC (oriental Bank of Commerce) and Canara Bank.

Registration for the scheme will be started on 20 July 2015 and the last date of registration is 20 August 2015 till the last date applicant can register for the scheme.

Mode of Payments:

  • 5% of flat’s estimated cost to be deposited within 30 days after getting successful in the draw.
  • Monthly installments of 19,010/- for 1BHK and 31,745/- for 2BHK to be deposited from next month after successful allotment for 24 months.
  • At the time of possession, 15% of flat’s cost to be deposited. i.e Rs. 1,06,622/- for 1BHK and Rs. 175596/- for 2BHK.
  • Remaining amount has to be paid in 96 equal monthly installments of Rs. 8660/- for 1BHK and Rs. 14727/- for 2BHK flats.


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