Meaningful Valentines Day Gifts Have A Story Behind Them

Feb 11


Louis A Jones

Louis A Jones

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Any object that has a story behind it will always get the attention of people. Thousands of years ago, before we started recording history, our forefa...


Any object that has a story behind it will always get the attention of people. Thousands of years ago,Meaningful Valentines Day Gifts Have A Story Behind Them Articles before we started recording history, our forefathers retold their history through stories as a reminder and recollection of the past. Through storytelling, picture drawings and symbols these moments became an important bond with younger generations. The triumphs of our forefathers have remained in our hearts through these very symbols. Welsh gold has followed these footsteps to incorporate these symbols in their jewellery designs. They realize the importance of preserving our heritage and culture and now you can do so by investing in Welsh gold jewellery. Welsh gold jewellery use several traditional symbols and designs. Below are some of the popular symbols found in Welsh gold jewellery designs.

With Valentines Day almost here you should consider investing in Welsh gold jewellery for your loved ones. They will feel honored and proud to own a piece of Welsh gold jewellery that represents their heritage. There are so many styles and designs of Welsh gold jewellery that you can choose from. Welsh gold jewellery has hundreds of attractive traditional designs for both men and women. These Valentines Day gifts would have a special story and significance you can share with your loved one. To understand the meaning behind each symbol, below are the following explanations.

Welsh kings adopted the symbol of the dragon from the Romans. The Welsh dragon represents the courage and warrior spirit of the Welsh people. The Welsh dragon design is popular as a signet ring if you are looking for Valentines Day gifts for men. The Welsh gold earring studs styled as dragons are perfect Valentines Day gifts for women. They are made with a touch of rare Welsh gold in shades of yellow and rose gold. If you find the Welsh dragon design appealing there are also pendants, lockets, cuff links and charms for ideal Valentines Day gifts.

Saint David’s Day is an important day for the Welsh people. In order to show their love and respect for Saint David, every year on March 1st the people of Wales wear leeks and daffodils. It is a symbol of their Welsh pride. By investing in Welsh gold daffodil jewellery you have given your valentine something special to wear every year on Saint David’s Day. There are an assortment of Welsh gold earrings, pendants, and bracelets with the daffodil design. She can wear it to commemorate Saint David’s day or it can be worn everyday as a symbol of her Welsh heritage. There is nothing more beautiful than a Welsh woman adorned with Welsh gold jewellery. This is one of the many Valentines Day gifts which will be valued greatly by someone of Welsh heritage.   

If you want to really impress your beloved with one of the most romantic Valentines Day gifts, you should invest in The Green Lady of Caerphilly collection. The collection has a heart wrenching story behind it. It is said in the old Caerphilly castle there lived a beautiful princess who was married. Her husband never paid any attention to her or gave her the affection or love that she needed. She fell in love with the prince of Brithdir who understood how neglected she felt. They secretly became lovers until someone betrayed them and the princess’s husband had the prince killed. When hearing that her beloved prince was dead she died instantly. People say she still haunts the castle to this day waiting for her prince to return. Show your beloved how much you appreciate and cherish her love by gifting her Welsh gold jewellery. Now that you know the stories and meanings behind these elegant symbols of Welsh heritage you can buy the best Valentines day gifts made out of Welsh gold. When you present her with your Valentines Day gifts she will be impressed of your knowledge and the significance of the Welsh gold jewellery you chose for her.