Popular Trends in Men's Wedding Bands

Feb 28


Viola Kailee

Viola Kailee

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Grooms want an original wedding band that represents their individual ethos and style. Thanks to modern manufacturing processes and metal machining methods, bespoke designs that are both stylish and long-wearing are now possible.


Try an unconventional metal,Popular Trends in Men's Wedding Bands Articles like tungsten, for something unique and rustic. A matte finish also stands out while concealing scratches more effectively.

1. Tungsten

Tungsten rings offer strength and style in one attractive package, perfect for modern designs. Choose from distinctive finishes such as this domed tungsten band for a classic aesthetic or this rugged black tungsten ring featuring an offset Gibeon meteorite inlay for something truly distinctive.

Minimalistic designs have become an increasingly popular trend in men's wedding bands, emphasizing clean lines and smooth finishes. Browse a range of minimalist wedding bands by brands such as Furrer Jacot and Sholdt here.

Many men appreciate wearing rings that carry with them significant memories and Dublin jeweller Thorum offers rings featuring gold from family heirlooms as part of this trend.

2. Black Diamonds

Grooms who appreciate a bolder style should consider black diamond men's wedding bands as they can add a masculine edge to any ensemble and are ideal for grooms who favor an earthier aesthetic.

Schoenfeld anticipates that in 2019, there will be greater environmental awareness throughout the industry as a whole.

3. White Gold

Grooms who favor more rustic, natural looks should select rings with wood inlays. These rings offer similar aesthetics as those containing mixed metals but feature different wood types like koa, ebony or rosewood instead.

Grooms may opt for satin or brushed texture bands instead, which provide more of a soft shine than matte finishes.

Engravings and carvings such as Celtic knots or Nordic runes are becoming an increasingly popular trend for men's wedding bands in Canada, offering another great way to personalize them and add uniqueness.

4. Flat Top

Minimalistic wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among men who favor an understated yet classic aesthetic. This design trend can often be found among male celebrities and is defined by sleek lines, smooth finishes, and symmetry.

Grooms searching for a special way to commemorate their individual love story will find many eye-catching options with Thorum's exclusive designs, which boast historical elements, rustic materials, and both classic and modern styles to mark an exceptional journey of commitment.

5. Dotted Gold

Add dainty diamonds to your wedding band with this antique style. Delicate but boasting an incredible secret: dots and dashes spell out "L-O-V-E" in Morse code! This gold womens ring would make a lovely addition to an antique or vintage engagement ring stack!

Discuss with your fiance what percentage of their budget you wish to devote towards rings; this can help ensure you find something suitable.

6. Hammered Gold

Grooms-to-be who appreciate rustic aesthetics may appreciate these men's wedding bands with hammered gold detailing, which create an exquisite and refined aesthetic with their rustic textures and durable design.

Bring elements from nature into your wedding ring design by opting for designs like this rustic black tungsten band featuring an offset Gibeon meteorite inlay made of genuine 4 billion year-old meteorite fragments. Perfect for the groom who values his connection to space! This exceptional men's wedding ring will make an impressionful statement about who you are as an individual.

7. Black Tungsten

Grooms-to-be have plenty of unique wedding bands to choose from to show their love and commitment to their partner. Carved patterns like Celtic knots or Nordic runes have proven especially popular, while minimalist styles continue to gain in popularity among men.

Thorum offers men's wedding bands that incorporate natural elements like desert ironwood or whitetail deer antler, while grooms-to-be who appreciate history will find an array of historical-inspired rings at Thorum that combine traditional metals with rare or antique materials for an altogether unique style.

8. Brushed Rose Gold

Introducing feminine charm into wedding bands for men with the brushed rose gold trend, offering something different than yellow gold or white gold rings. This chic hue can be found both simply designed bands as well as intricate inlays featuring this distinctive hue. It makes an excellent alternative option to the more conventional yellow gold or white gold designs.

Men's wedding rings come in various widths. Thicker bands tend to make more of an impactful statement while providing greater comfort for active men.