Purchasing a Beginner Drum Set

Oct 20


melville jackson

melville jackson

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Why should one buy a beginner drum set? If your kid wants to start drumming, you may consider buying a beginner drum set. A junior drum set is not a toy.


It is a proper set that enables the young learner to enjoy drumming lessons and ensures a smooth transition to a full size drum set once the drummer is old enough to do so. One of the key aspects of drumming is coordination. It is easier to achieve hand and feet coordination if one starts learning on a proper drum set.

Things to remember while buying a set

All drum sets have a snare drum,Purchasing a Beginner Drum Set Articles a bass drum and tom-tom drums. The number of tom-tom drums varies from set to set and the customer decides how many drums he wants. A complete drum kit also contains drum sticks, a bass pedal, the drum key, and the drumming seat. The seat is generally referred to as the throne. Some buyers pay more attention to the drums than the seat. It is important to choose a throne that has the right height because poor playing positions may lead to back injuries.

Which is the right size?

The best way to figure out which drum kit will suit the learner is to make him or her sit in playing position and see if he or she can comfortably reach all parts of the drum. The feet should reach the kick drum and the hit-hat pedals. The snare drum should be at the height of the waist. The rack and toms should be reachable with the drumsticks.

If it is not possible to sit on a drum before choosing it, the diameter of the bass drum may be used to work out the size of the set. Generally, sets in which the diameter of the bass drum is between 12"-14'' is suitable for children of three to seven years. Children between eight and twelve need sets that have 16'' bass drums.

The stands and mounting system

Buyers should properly inspect the stands and the tom mounting system of the set. The stands should be able to withstand the impact when the player uses it. It is advisable to test the strength of the stands by assembling the drum setin the shop and using it before purchasing it.

Buyers need to keep these things in mind to so that they do not end up buying the wrong beginner set.