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Presenting a gift during any auspicious program is an old then among Indians. So while choosing your gift be selective.

The arrival of the Indians in the land of Ethiopia dates back to almost the pre historic period. Later with the advent of the trading practices Indians travelled to the far off countries in Africa like Ethiopia with intentions to trade. The trading used to be between Indian silk along with Indian spices and ivory and gold. The economic condition was very cheap in Africa and Indian trading paid heavy profit.  The trade with the Auximite kings between second century and ninth century AD actually flourished in the sixth century time period. In the ancient port of Adulis,Guest Posting the Indian traders use to flock with many Indian goods and gave Ethiopia the height of maritime trading. In a much later period again in the seventeenth century AD Ethiopia saw a good amount of Indian arrivals in the land. The Portuguese ships use to bring Indians travelling to far off countries for business etc. In the nineteenth century, many Indian soldiers arrived from the then British India. In 1868, an army contingent of mainly Indian troops came to Ethiopia under British Commander-in-Chief Robert Napier from the then Bombay. With the attack from the Fascist Italy, more troops of Indians were sent to Ethiopia by the then British Government of India to counter attack.

These Indians mostly stayed back and cut out a cultural niche in Ethiopia of Indianised culture. There came up a Military Academy here in Ethiopia again with the help of British India. General Rawley from India was commissioned there with the duty. Many Indians followed there. Again in the time period between 1960 and 1990 a large number of Indians came to teach in Ethiopian schools. They came and their families followed. The Indian population in the 1960s consisted of more than nine thousand families which decreased however of late.

The Indians staying there enjoy good contacts with their near and dear ones back home in India. They consist of mainly people from Gujarat and Kerala. The Gujaratis are mainly commissioned agents doing business with many Ethiopian firms. The Indian Association here set up in 1937 is the important cultural melting point for the Indians of Ethiopia. The many cultural and religious festivals are celebrated here together by the Indians. And it is a much known fact in this connection that sending of gifts has always remained an intrinsic part of the Indian celebrations. The Indians of Ethiopia too indulge themselves in gift sending. It is a good thing that with the evolution of technology the distance is no more a barrier and gift sending has become easier. With the advent of Internet, there are many companies coming up with their advertised websites in the Internet through which gifts can be purchased and ordered to be sent at the required destination anytime. GiftsAcrossIndia is one such company operating via its website Gifts Across and it sends gifts for clients to more than 500 destinations across India virtually 24 hours a day. They have myriad range of gifts to choose from. Even the Customer Support system possesses a very professional approach, and handles sentiments of gift sending service with care.

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