Summer Straw Hats – Blend of Style and Utility

Aug 18


Austin Choi

Austin Choi

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Straw hats have flat tops and are stiff.


The material is obtained from dried plant fiber. You will find people using straw hats in various countries of the world. Straw hats are very much in vogue in places where the mercury level is quite high. Straw hats for men are quite popular since they not only do well in offering protection from the sun but also look very smart and stylish. Straw hats are popular among men and women of all ages. They can lend a casual look on a normal day,Summer Straw Hats – Blend of Style and Utility Articles or an elegant one if worn with the right attire. Straw hats are more in demand during the summers as they can protect the head and the face from the scorching rays of the sun.

Types of Summer Straw Hats

You can purchase summer straw hats from the nearest accessories shop or you can buy it online. Straw hats are particularly comfortable during the summer season. They are made in such a way that they let in more air than those made of leather. Straw hats are available in various colors and sizes for you to buy. They are not very expensive and hence will not burn a hole in your pocket. Some of the popular types of straw hats that can be worn during the summer are Safari Straw Hats, Gambler Hats, Coolie Hats, Bamboo Hats, Raffia Straw Hats, Sun Helmets, Full Shade Straw Hats, and Safeguard Straw Hats. The hats are available with chin straps as well.

Protect yourself from the heat with the straw shield

The materials for making straw hats are obtained from different parts of the world including Madagascar, Italy, Ecuador, and China. The materials used in the manufacture of straw hats are coberg, raffia, vegetable fibers, shantung, twisted grasses, Panama, and Milan. Most of the stylish summer straw hats are provided with the scope of maximum ventilation. Both ordinary and branded straw hats can be obtained in stores. The brims of straw hats are usually wide so that it covers your entire head and face and give you protection from the burning heat. The inner portion of the hat is lined with materials like coolmax polyester head bands which keeps away the moisture. The straw hats are mostly hand woven and the expensive ones are crush resistant as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your summer straw hat which will protect you from heat and also make you look distinct.