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Perfume is gaining popularity with every passing day and buying perfumes having sweet aroma is highly preferred. There are numerous perfumes available, branded and non-branded that rule many people`s choice.

Perfumes are made from flower and plants extracts,Guest Posting and the essential oils and various other aroma compounds are added to diverge the scent. Perfumes were invented mainly for women, but now men also use it frequently. The evolution of electronic equipment and technology has made it possible to manufacture plenty of artificial fragrances as well. There is no doubt that people are becoming highly brand conscious, and some prefer buying perfumes only of particular well-known brands. These branded perfumes are highly priced that only affluent class or wealthy individuals can afford them. More the popularity of a particular brand, higher is the demand and greater is the price.

Chanel No.5 is one of the best perfume brands that was launched by a Parisian couturier who named it as CoCo, and distributed it to her friends and clients free of cost. This brought a wide popularity of Chanel No.5 and it spread like fire. Another well known perfume is Oscar de la Renta which is an appropriate addition to sportswear, clothing and accessories. Some of the other major brands include Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Arden, and these are well-known for their colognes and perfumes. Calvin Klein has also embarked on numerous perfumes under the parent name ideal for women and men such as Eternity, Obsession, Escape and Obsession Night.

The designer perfumes demand is rapidly increasing, and even people who are unable to afford to purchase perfumes at original rates are taking benefit of auctions and online sales. These perfumes are obtainable at reasonable prices even on online sales. Top brands such as Bond No.9, Annick Goutal, Creed, Rolf & Viktor will cost from $140 to $200 on an average, while the famous designer perfumes in middle ranges can be generally available from $ 50 to $120. Regardless of the financial meltdown in the economy today, the perfume prices still continue to be rocket high.

There are many people using designer perfumes, accessories and apparel in the name of fashion. Cosmetic firms were the only source earlier that sold branded designer perfumes, but these days every Hollywood starlet has their own designer perfumes, besides a line of cosmetics. The influence of a celebrity in association with the work of professionals resulted in bringing out a conceptual phase and in deciding the scent to be produced, besides bottle designing and marketing. Such celebrities included: Jennifer Lopez, who knew her choice for signature scent; Paris Hilton who also took a sincere part in selling; and Elizabeth Taylor who also introduced designer perfumes. The craze for designer perfumes continues with nowadays with Britney Spears and Sarah Jessica Parker who also joined the perfume manufacturer`s legion resulting in gross sales of perfumes at impressive rate.

Designer perfumes are the choice of many, depending on the budget they can afford to pay. However, there are disreputable companies taking advantage of best selling brands of designer perfume and manufacturing low quality perfumes. Hence, be cautious while buying a designer perfume to avoid problems as well as disappointment, and buy from a well-known place so that you get a genuine perfume. Designer perfume is not always endorsed by celebrities to marketing and sales, but certainly their influence enhances the dimension in making a perfume desirable in the prospective user`s eyes. It is accepted widely that a star lending their face and name to a perfume means the quality is definitely high, yet ensuring the aroma is good with your body chemistry is essential.

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