T-Tap – convenient and elegant dispenser for your liquid product in bag-in-box

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Bag-in-box packaging gradually enters our daily consumption. Throughout the years of its existence, it has become a great solution for food and beverage industry. The variety of carton boxes designs and shapes, choice of materials and fitments are flabbergasting.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC is independent in production of materials and fitments for bag-in-box packaging. We cover all the possible market needs by offering transparent/metallized bags with plugs, caps, screw caps, pouring caps, milk tubes etc.

However,Guest Posting our specialty in bag-in-box production is the T-Tap – a dispensing system that due to its special locking mechanism with the gland provides for leak resistance, oxygen impermeability and convenience in use of the entire bag-in-box packaging.


T-Tap for bag-in-box is a user-friendly fitment. Its intuitive design and simple construction lets the end-user open it by using just two fingers. Any family gathering or holiday is protected from the spots on the tablecloth since no drop will escape from your bag-in-box after you stop pushing the lever. It takes only four tiny steps before you can enjoy the content of the bag-in-box:

  1. Open the bag-in-box in the area indicated on the carton.
  2. Take the tap out of the box.
  3. Detach the tear-off tape from the T-Tap.
  4. Push the lever to make the liquid flow out of the bag-in-box.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC guarantees the high performance of bag-in-box with the T-Tap. 100% control and full traceability contribute to the production of the tap worthy of your product. We use only the highest quality raw materials to make sure the T-Tap provides for a longer shelf life of your product.


T-Tap for bag-in-box is applicable for a wide range of liquid products. For instance, wine, juice, olive oil, soy sauce, dairy products etc. It withstands the filling temperature from 5oC to 85oC. Furthermore, for better visual differentiation of the product, TECHNOLOGIA JSC offers T-Tap of different colors.

  • Green – vegetable oil
  • Yellow – juice
  • Red – wine
  • Blue – dairy
  • Black – soy sauce

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