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Force ... We Can Live By! Just another bumper sticker, or is it the New Age ... It began as an ... drive to express the lessons I have learned and the warnings I observe, in si

Force Decisions We Can Live By! Just another bumper sticker,Guest Posting or is it the New Age philosophy? It began as an overwhelming drive to express the lessons I have learned and the warnings I observe, in simple terms, easily understood by others. I don't want fame, though I have made plans for fortunes I may never see. I just don't want to get caught with a pile of money and no idea what to do with it, even though I don't gamble or play lotteries. My great ambition was just to share ideas that could be useful to others and help them prepare for a violent future of sharply reduced expectations. I knew in my heart the writing on the wall has already become so much graffiti to be painted over.

I thought perhaps I could put a new face on the old writing and connect with some like minded people. In two years since the Al Qaeda attacks on Eleven September, the message remains the same. The U.S. Government is impotent to protect anyone from this new kind of warfare. Also, that the only effective defense is personal self defense; much of which should be obvious.

If you insist upon living and working in a known or likely target area, your odds of a happy, productive future, plummet like the towers. You become a volunteer for martyrdom; for what or whom? America decided the best act of defiance was to get back to business as usual. The idea that suing for peace at the start of a war, was a practical option, did not appeal to the public or leadership. A bad situation was made worse. Senator Joseph Biden recently summed up how it works. He does not regret authorizing an incompetent President to go to war. He only regrets the President is incompetent. You can’t be more double minded than that.

President Bush wants another five years to teach us that throwing all the money in the world at national security will make no difference, except to bankrupt Western Civilization. Since this is a stated goal of Al Qaeda, it's clear we are all fighting a war against Western Civilization - and winning.

We all understand the huge gap between the people of the West and the rulers of the West. That's why our global enemies sincerely tell us not to take it personally; that they only see one way to affect change in ruling policy. The question for the people of the West is whether they owe a duty to go down with the ship. Is it cowardice to survive the fall of Western Civilization? Is it dishonor to tend to one's self and loved ones, when "leadership" just wants to get on with the fireworks?

Personally, I believe in survival. I want a shot at doing things right - next time. I'm searching for others who know or sense it is time to bail out of a ship, so low in the water, under fire, day in, day out, from without and from within. All the warriors know is how to make the holes bigger and they are hard at it. There is no wisdom in leadership today. Is there any left among the people?

Since I have no profession beyond the Christian faith, lifesaving can be no more than a hobby for me. The World Wide Web presents an opportunity for me to popularize this hobby. The potential is there to save millions of lives. Even as an amateur life saver, I am an unlikely candidate. I have a temporary visual impairment that prevents me from finding the places I could be posting my warnings, exhortations and encouragements, to take care of business; while there is still business to take care of.

My impairment has reduced my personal funds to a point I cannot hire help, before I recover. I'm not asking for money. I'm asking how much time we have to save millions of lives. It was eight years from the first attack on the World Trade Center. How many years will it be between the first attack on Washington D.C., till the next one? Two have already passed.

Do I believe weapons of mass destruction may be in place for remote detonation? If I believe anything can be planted anywhere, will you think me the fool? If the Capitol is destroyed as thoroughly as the Trade Center, what will life be like in the rest of the country? If two or three other cities are destroyed at the same time, what will life be like for the survivors? Is it all too horrible to consider? What will happen to first responders? What will happen to you and me and those we love? What should we be doing to prepare for what the leaders have made inevitable? I have published my answers to these questions. No one has contributed additional suggestions or ideas, although I don't think I am the only one with these ideas.

I was disappointed that a small circle of friends had no interest in lifesaving. I can understand this. Alarmists have been shouting warnings for centuries, back to biblical times. Sometimes destruction came after the warnings. Sometimes it did not. What do you think of the odds today? Has our reaction to Al Qaeda's attacks discouraged them? Has it prevented them from planning bigger and better things? Has anyone seriously diminished their will or capability? Why haven't they deployed weapons of mass destruction yet? Have they misplaced them? Are they storing them near you?

I know there is tremendous resistance to thinking in a way that poses such questions. We have a guiding philosophy in the West that never SEEMS to fail us. Just pretend nothing is wrong. Even the leaders aren't doing that anymore! In fact, it is that very philosophy which has perched us on the edge of the abyss. We can't afford it another day more.

We plan our self defense. We plan for our survival. But we don't wait for the situation to execute the plan. We ask hard questions. What would America be if it was simultaneously unplugged from its electrical umbilical and Internet communications, globally? We spread the word that a survival of the fittest situation is possible and probable. Who will prepare for the terror not yet imagined in a nation slated for destruction by those capable of success?

And why is it we want to survive, anyway? It is to help the others. Is that now a strange idea in America? Can this idea outlive government help? As America goes, so goes the rest. Can we possibly point America in a better direction? Does it all have to be destroyed before we can start over? We can start now. If we prepare for the end of Western Civilization (You have my word something better will replace it, when we LET GO) and all is wine and roses; were we fools? Not really. We learned things about us better known early than late. We learned a little independence in the land of the free. Who should be embarrassed?

If you want to take up the lifesaving hobby, just say and write the truths that can save lives. If you have no thoughts of your own, borrow some from others and pass them along. The idea is to spread the word. We are not trying to create a secret survivor society. We'd just like to see that everyone knows they have made choices. If poor choices have been made, new choices are in order. Last, but not least, why don't I get feedback on the thoughts I share?

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