The End of Western Dominion

Jan 16


Ed Howes

Ed Howes

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The ... of this world can only see a tidal wave of ... coming to swallow them up, destroy their souls and deny them eternal rest in ... High stakes for which millions will ...


The righteous of this world can only see a tidal wave of corruption coming to swallow them up,The End of Western Dominion Articles destroy their souls and deny them eternal rest in paradise. High stakes for which millions will sacrifice their lives and children in martyrdom that others will be spared the coming corruption. The righteous will not be deceived though the corruption be called freedom, democracy or modernization. The corrupted however, are almost totally deceived - and the corrupters laugh all the way to the bank.

The corrupt grow nervous with a new awareness that the righteous are living among them peaceably because they have not yet been forced to choose sides. They have probably already decided which choice they will make. The corrupted intuitively know what side the righteous will take. The corrupted want to head off the problem and the righteous are now nervous with this awareness. All know the minority righteous will become fifth columns for the righteous hordes when the corrupt and righteous civilizations collide head on around the globe.

The corrupt have unlimited credit with which to wage war. The righteous have faith, wit, resolve and understanding, in case you have not yet noticed. On which would you stake your life? Or should I say, on which are you staking your life? The answer to that question is the beginning of personal defense.

Westerners will be forced to support one side or the other at the end of a gun, in due time, unless we have weighed the options in advance. The best option is avoidance. Move to a location where the clash is unlikely to reach in its more violent aspects. This might be foreign lands where neither side has any particular interest. It might be rural land in countries like Iraq where the conflict is focused in urban areas and the roads connecting them. Have we not heard many times that most of Iraq is calm, even if unemployed?

We might be able to lay in supplies where we are and wait the whole thing out. Whatever the choice, if it is made in advance of widespread hostilities, we can resist the demand that we choose sides and fight or support those who do, which, in Iraq makes one a target in either case. Or perhaps we have no interest in the lessons of Iraq because the same thing can never happen in our country. After all, we have assurances and guarantees from people we love and trust, at the end of whose guns we could be conscripted if we are betrayed, as we will be.

No one wins the next big one. The commitment is made, the credit dries up and everyone fights with what they can afford. The playing field will be level and bloody. The survivors will be those on the sidelines - the uncommitted, the uninvolved. When this one is over no survivor will give a damn about dominion. Like Iraq, all we will care about is cleaning up the mess, rebuilding our infrastructures and social order. In truth, today’s Iraq is the microcosm of the global conflagration that follows. Count the costs in Iraq. Count the casualties in life and limb. Multiply Iraqi numbers by one thousand and make your plans.

One exception to the present situation in Iraq should be considered. During the big one all currencies in the warring nations will be totally worthless and you will only buy goods with other goods or services. Now is a good time to convert any monetary savings to goods and survival supplies that will increase your comfort and security for years of global non production. Not only will this war end Western dominion, it is truly the war to end all wars. If you cannot yet sense this as an animal senses an impending earthquake, try to find someone who does and spend some time with them. Iraq is the blueprint of our Western future. Pay attention to it.

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