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Before residents of 55 + active adult retirement community go for any outdoor sport they should keep safety and security issues in mind.

Well,Guest Posting the question in north-west Idaho to vacationers and residents that are enthusiastic about outdoor activities is: how much time and energy do you have? There are numerous activities to choose from: biking and hiking, driving tours, golfing, horseback riding, skiing, enjoying many more fun activities in theme parks. Do you have the time and energy to enjoy them all, or at least the ones you love? Before residents of 55 + active adult retirement community go for any outdoor sport they should keep safety and security issues in mind.

Nestled in the northern part of the country Rathdrum, Idaho is close to some of the great skiing trails receiving huge amounts of snowfall every year. The top two skiing resorts are the Silver Mountain Resort and the Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort. The Silver Mountain Resort is just 30 miles to the east of Coeur d Alene. It has 50 runs carved from 1500 acres powdery terrain. The Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort is nearby the Silver Mountain Resort. Skiing enthusiasts from Golden Spike 55 plus active adult community should remember not to get carried away by the thrill of the sport and give safety issues due thought.

The trail of Coeur d Alene is a biker’s delight that is around 72 miles of paved path taking you through high mountain splendor, Silver Valley, along side Lake Coeur d Alene and in to the Coeur d Alene Indian Reserve. Check out our area links page for more details about other wonderful biking and hiking trails that can leave you wanting for more. It is advisable for our 55 plus community members to check their bike and wear protective gear at all times while going on a biking trip. It is not advisable for members of active senior community to stretch their stamina and endurance without proper guidance.

In addition to the golf course at the club house residents of 55 + active adult retirement community can test their golfing skills further at nine other golf courses including the Circling Raven Golf Club marked as one of the top ten golf courses by Golf Magazine and as one of the top ten by Golf Digest. The Coeur d Alene Resort Course is a five star golf course and also one of the top resort courses in the country.

Active senior community residents interested in horse riding can contact either Rider Ranch or Mountain View Ranch (contact details given in the link given in this section).

The Coeur d Alene Lake has 175 kilometers of shoreline for boaters, visitors, and vacationers. It offers every kind of water sports imaginable. Those members of the 55 plus community not interested in water sports can simply take a boat ride on the placid waters of the lake. Or a sea plane ride from the lake would take them on an enthralling trip over the wild beauty of Northern Idaho. After 55 plus community members finish their activities they can enjoy delicious meals in restaurants overlooking the Lake.

Our 55 plus community members that want to revisit their childhood days or take their grand children on a thrilling roller coaster ride would definitely want to try out theme parks around Rathdrum. Many theme parks such as the Silverwood theme park have been created to bring out the child in everybody. Silverwood theme park has 65 rides and attractions including a train ride and live entertainment. Wild Water’s Water Park is a place where active seniors can join their grand children to have fun. Triple Play Family Fun Park offers bowling and video games among other things. Take your friends along for a go-kart racing and see who comes first after 100 laps at Fastkart Speedway. Check out the area link page on our website and you will be guided to the theme park websites giving you complete details of their timings and roller coaster rides offered.

Our 55 + 55 plus active adult retirement community people will not find it difficult to enjoy music and theatre as this area is abuzz with activities in those fields. Opera Coeur d Alene presents shows from March through December. Lake City Playhouse has been presenting plays for the last 45 years in Idaho. Is there a better way to spend an evening in the company of your beloved one watching a play followed by a dinner in a nice restaurant?

There is something or other spectacular happening around Coeur d Alene that active senior community ID and active senior community WA members look forward to. For instance, this year they have planned a light show in the holiday season, which will light up the night skies with 1.5 million energy saving LED lights. The LED lights will consume 90 percent less energy and yet will decorate a huge Christmas tree that is 162 feet tall. Two miles long light decoration is also a part of the plan. Named as the 2009 Coeur d’Alene Holiday Light Show, the event is bound to be liked by the residents of 55 plus community at Golden Spike. As a part of the plus 55 + 55 active adult retirement community at Golden Spike you have an edge over other active adult communities Washington and active adult communities ID – its close proximity to Coeur d Alene.

Eating Out

To break the routine at our55 + 55 plus active adult retirement community you can chose from hundreds of restaurants in and around Rathdrum and Coeur d Alene. Chinese, Continental, Italian, or Mexican – you name the food and it’s available in this region. Catering to the vacationers, restaurants try to present the best dishes and items. Please check out the area link page of our website to find details of restaurant offerings.

55 + Active Adult Retirement Community

While looking for an active senior community ID or an active senior community WA, you should check whether they have a good BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. With a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A+ Golden Spike can boldly assure of hassle free clean dealings. In the past 36 months there has been zero complaint about our business. A+ is the best possible rating that a business can get from BBB. Any one can check out here for proof our getting A+ rating from BBB here - BBB. What can be more comforting to a prospective home owner? Perhaps this is another reason why we are regarded as the best of all active adult communities CDA, active adult communities Idaho, and active adult communities Washington.

More Reasons for Opting Golden Spike

Which young retiree will not love to live in a plus 55 + 55 active adult retirement community that offers quietetude, no hassle of traffic, and serene mountain views and yet makes available the modern facilities? Shopping is just 1.5 kms away from your home in the Golden Spike active adult retirement community. Everything that you want in day to day living is available within a 5-10 minutes drive.

Our active adult retirement community was designed to be a success. It didn’t come out of the blue. Dave Spiker, owner of Golden Spike Estates, researched nearly 60 active adult communities in the West before he broke ground in 1999. With so much of hard work going in to the project you will definitely feel happy if you join the active adult community at Golden Spike, Rathdrum Idaho.

Young retirees can visit or talk to us. We are ever ready to help them becoming a resident of our active adult retirement community.For more details visit us at

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