Top 5 Odoo Apps & Themes to Buy Right Now

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Here, in this article, we bring to you Top 5 Odoo Apps that are tried, tested and happily accepted by the entrepreneurs & small scale industries of different business requirements.

We will explain in detail how these apps solve your complex business issues and increase your business revenue by many folds. If you want to make it big in the industry, stay tuned till the end. 

Inefficient business processes can impact the growth of your business. As per a market research by IDC,Guest Posting companies can lose about 25-30% of their revenues due to poor business efficiencies. 


So, if you are still using the complex business process, difficult to use operations in your business, chances are that you may soon be counted in the list of ‘’top failed businesses due to business inefficiencies’’. This can get serious and damage the bottom line of your business. Now, to save your drowning business, it’s time for you to switch to the best Odoo apps that can enhance your business.  


Why Odoo Apps? 


Odoo apps are mostly loved due to their modular architecture. Be it accounting, inventory management, eCommerce, Billing, Accounting or Manufacturing, there are Odoo apps for all your business problems. Thes apps work coherently and provide you with a cohesive ERP system that gives a lot of power to the users in terms of implementation. There is an Odoo app for each functionality that you require in your business to manage your tasks easily. You can select the apps as per your requirements and increase your business revenue. 

Here, in this article, we bring to you Top 5 Odoo Apps that are tried, tested and happily accepted by the entrepreneurs & small scale industries of different business requirements.

We will explain in detail how these apps solve your complex business issues and increase your business revenue by many folds. If you want to make it big in the industry, stay tuned till the end.

#1: Your First Impression is the Last: If you are into eCommerce business, you can very well relate with this and probably understand the importance of this line. For any eCommerce business to be successful in the market, it is important to have a flawless and attractive website that attracts the customers. As per statistics, there will be around 2.05 billion global digital buyers by the end of this year. 

Hence, it is important to make your website more pleasing and user-friendly for the customers. 

Remember, your website can make or break your business. So, it is always important to choose the right Odoo theme for your eCommerce business. 


What to look for in an Odoo theme? 

If you are planning to buy an Odoo theme, look for these top features :


  • User-friendly functionalities
  • Attractive page layouts
  • Category wise global search
  • Fully customizable and responsive


Our suggestion: Theme Kinetik- This theme has made it big in a short period. It is listed in the top 3 positions on the Odoo store today. This theme can transform your eCommerce business. Its powerful functionalities like RTL support, 125+ snippets, multi-lingual support, etc., make it the most premium odoo theme today in the market. Have a look at the app and use it in your business for better sales. 


#2: Reporting- the hidden hero of your business

It is very essential to keep a track of all your business processes in an organization. With business reports, the senior managers and business owners get the opportunity to determine and solve the complex issues in the business. With the help of reports, the businessmen can effectively analyze the future predictions of their business and work towards achieving their goal and objectives of the business. However, preparing reports manually can be a little difficult task and might require more time for preparation. Hence, you can take help of the reporting apps that are easy and quite effective. 

Our suggestion: Odoo ReportMate-  This app displays your complex data in a single view. With this app, you can create a custom view/report based data on Selected Model and by Selecting Fields/Relations on their own. You can view the reports in Pivot and Graph view. You can check out the other functionalities and features of  the app here. 


#3: Data visualization is necessary: As per Statista, about 4.78 billion individuals are using mobile devices globally. 

As technology advances, we must also move ahead with the technical advances to survive in the competitive market. Hence, it is necessary to use mobile dashboards for user engagement, proper data visualization, and also to keep the brand image in place by keeping the data analytics in the app. 

So, if you are new to using a mobile dashboard app, we’d suggest you to use an app like Odoo Dashboard Ninja, that is responsive on mobile, desktop, and mobile. Other features like- predefined layout themes, powerful data filters and ranges, drag and drop interface, etc., make it the no.1 Odoo app on the Odoo store.


#4: Get more power online: In an online business, inventory management, sales, customer relations, accounting, etc., are an integral part of the business. Any online business, either small/big, required an efficient ERP system to manage the business processes efficiently. There are many ERP options available in the market, however, the most preferred and useful ERP for your business would be Odoo ERP. Odoo has all the traditional features & functionalities that are required to manage all the business processes efficiently. 

To begin with, you can use the Woocommerce connector app that lets you integrate the woocommerce store with Odoo and manage all the business operations using Odoo. You can check the complete functions of the app here

#5: Clear the language barrier: To increase the reach and downloads of your business apps, it is necessary to be able to translate your app's store product description and user interface text into multiple languages so that many people can install and download it. There are various product translation status apps available in the market, however, to get more downloads and increase your reach globally, you must use an app like Product translation status app. With such apps, you can translate the multiple web pages at a time, translate your store into multiple languages and increase your sales worldwide without any language barrier. 

Final Words

With this, we end the list of our 5 Odoo apps and themes that are tried, tested and loved by all the Odoo users worldwide. But, wait, that’s not all. There are also other top Odoo apps in the market that can help you streamline your business processes and generate more revenue for your organization. So, we strongly suggest you use an Odoo website to become a leader in the market and if you are already using an Odoo website, we suggest you check all the Odoo apps, themes, and plugins mentioned above to achieve better and productive results in your business. 

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