Traditional Chinese Festivals - The Festival of Laba

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The History of China is mammoth and throughout that history special days have been pick to celebrate special events.Look at some Traditional Chinese Festivals and the reason behind them.

On the 8th day of the 12th lunar month the festival of Laba takes place.Friends and family gather together to make porridge from many different types of grains.

The reason behind this festival is to remind people of the neccessity of knowing how to work.

The story goes that once upon a time,Guest Posting a newly married young couple moved into the husband’s parent’s house. The parents of the husband took care of the young couple.They did all the housework,cooking and cleaning. The young couple never learned how to cook,clean or take care of anything or themselves.

When the parents past away the young couple ate all the food in the house and in their storeroom.Running out of food they sold the house to buy more food. After a few months of badly managing their finance they ended up moving into a straw shack . Winter came and the temperature dropped, the young couple were cold,hungry and poor. On the 8 th of the 12th Lunar Month, they collected corn and carrot remains from rat holes and started to make a pot of porridge. When they were about to eat the porridge a huge wind blew down the shack, killing the young couple.

This story is a warning to remember the neccessity of knowing how to work.. This story might sound silly and the lesson unimportant but in China this lesson is being forgotten more and more often . Due to the 1 child policy many family are spoiling their child a lot. Doing and buying  everything for them. This is happening or has happened so much that it’s even got a little nick name, the little emperor. There are so many little emperors now that it has to make you wonder what will happen when they all grow up and their parents pass away. What will happen to them and what will happen to China.

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