Troubled Love... A Myster After All...

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This article simply shows how love would be in troubled, what are the mysteries behind it and how to heal the pain brought by this broken relationship or troubled love. I also shows the hope to move on and learned after those experiences. Being in this situation is no easy, but after all the wound was healed by time, you will see how grateful it was to fall n love again and soon understand it's mystery.

The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing - and then marry him.”


“Love is the self-delusion we manufacture to justify the trouble we take to have sex.”

Daniel S. Greenberg

If pleasures are greatest in anticipation,Guest Posting just remember that this is also true of trouble.”Elbert Hubbard

    They say that love is the best feeling ever felt by human being. That when both of you are together, you will be able to work things out. That you can do everything in the name of love and this love will last for ever. But how true are these words? How will love last forever in this world full of mystery? The answer is unknown... Love is a matter of choice or by destiny? But, if you love someone let it be. God knows how this love will work out. If you don't love some, let it go... You have to set it's wings free.. If it will come back to you, then it's yours. But if it will go away, God has prepared someone meant for you... Sometime love is not what we thought it was. Time will come that love would be in trouble, whether to test if love was really meant for us or not, no matter what it is, it's hard to say but you may sometimes experience this what we call troubled love.    When you love you must remember that it was also accompanied by sacrifices and hard work. Not all the time love is likely to be in good conditions. The troubled love quotes above shows that there maybe times where love would be in trouble. Yet things would only depend on how the two of you handle that trouble and how will you be able to over come it. Being in a relationship is not merely doing everything you want. Not only being together, hugging and saying those sweet words of love. Love is also fighting and struggling for all the obstacles that may come your way. This is to test on how strong the foundation you have set for your relations. It test on how far you will be able to suffer and fight for the so called love    If you're like someone else who's been through a broken relationship or divorce, you know that the pain brought by this circumstance can be excruciating!The trouble for many people after their breakup or divorce is that this pain can be so unbearable that without realizing it, they unknowingly do some things that are counter-productive to healing their pain. They actually stay stuck in that pain, sometimes forever. Sometimes, even when you think that you have dealt with the pain of the breakup or divorce and put your past relationship behind you, there's still more healing work to be done. You just didn't realize it. There are some things that reminds you of a certain time and person that you were with. Other times, someone will say or do something that reminds you of a past relationship and you realize that even though days, weeks, months or even years may have passed, there's still more healing to be done.If time passing is the only thing that needs to happen in order for us to heal our pain and broken heart, then all we would need to do is let a certain amount of time pass and poof- just like magic- our pain would be gone and our hearts healed.    Unfortunately, this isn't the way the healing process works. It isn't just the time that's important. It's what we do with that time that determines whether we heal our hearts or not. If you ever hope to heal your heart and find the courage to truly open yourself up to love again, you're going to have to do some things besides simply letting time pass.    Being in this situation is not that easy. After the moments and experience that you've shared and dreamed on, things ends up tat easily... But life is a battle. You must stand up and fight again. Learned from your experience and love again.. Troubled love may happen to us but after all you will understand it's mystery.

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